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Paying a visit!


Do you know these people?

  These three lovely young ladies were unfortunate enough
to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!
Yes, whilst the trusty Olympus was out and about for the release of the 2007 Christmas postage stamp issue these ladies arrived and were
"Caught in Hutt"!




  Above from left to right we have Ms Katja Tauber visiting from Germany and
Sisters Kholiswa & Teyana Neufeld from Canada.
These 3 are travelling together and wanted to drop by the Principality whilst on their journey.
The photos above show them having their Passports inspected prior to obtaining
Principality entry/exit Visas.


These shots above show Katja, Kholiswa and Tauber looking around the Post office
and checking out part of Prince Leonard's  private bank note collection that is on display.





Here, in the photos above, we find the young ladies being told and shown some of the Principality's History and Heritage
with much on display in the Memorabilia Arcade.




In the photos shown in the above 2 rows we can see the young ladies trying out the Crystal Pendulums that have been charged in the Pyramid of Hutt.
HRH Prince Leonard always enjoys showing how he can control a pendulum with his mind using his own personal crystal. Both HRH and myself were surprised to witness that both Teyana & Kholiswa could control the pendulum quite easily much to the disgust of Katja who could not get it to move no matter how hard she tried though to her credit she did not want to give up trying.
In the shots you can see Prince Leonard and both Teyana & Kholiswa trying to help her.
Teyana & Kholiswa both confessed that they use Crystal Pendulums at home...........a lot!


  Time for the girls to leave so HRH poses for one more shot for them to add to their travel album and then we bid them farewell!

Thanks for letting us follow you around girls, trust you enjoyed your visit.
Hope you told the truth about "skinny photo's"?



Previous Capture!

 Do you recognise this Personality?

3pm Sunday 03rd June caught visiting Hutt
English/Australian comedian/stand-up comic.
(Spends half his time in both countries and both happy to lay claim)

 Mr Ross Noble 

nd his crew dropping by as head they head North for Carnarvon, the next stop on
Ross Nobles  "Fizzy Logic" tour of Australia.


Arriving into Nain on his BMW Tourer (one of the 11 bikes he proudly owns.)
Ross Noble is eager to learn of the Principality it's history
and whether or not he might be able to represent the Principality,
in some special way perhaps?


Ross and his crew were met on this occasion by HRH Princess Shirley as unfortunately Prince Leonard was unable to be  there.
First stop the Post office and Administration building where Ross took a look at the stamps and coins of the Principality
and took time out to introduce himself and sign autographs for some eager fans.


Celebrity or not the rules of Immigration still apply and Mr Nobles Passport and those of his crew are put forward for visa stamping.
A tense moment was experienced as a potential problem arose with the security of Mr Nobles UK Passport, though after quick convincing words from Mr Noble concerning the immense cost of purchasing his Passport from the local pub before he left the UK and a second scan with the security lamp, all was deemed correct and entry/exit visa stamps were affixed.



Whilst travelling on this tour Ross had decided to film everywhere that he goes, so here he takes the opportunity to speak further with princess Shirley alongside the stone bust of HRH Prince Leonard whilst filming is underway.


  Ross could not let the opportunity go past of being able to try a little
re-juvination and renewal of energy by a visit to the Pyramid of Hutt.
Princess Shirley shows Ross an item that was presented to Prince Leonard by the Government of China as well as many of the other items of importance to the Principality's history. Ross again pauses to allow some photo's to be taken.
Here Webmaster Sir Phillip can be seen posing along with two of his siblings, James and Deborah.


Ross and Royal  Grandson Paul,
Son of the
Duke of Gilboa
Prince Graeme

Ross with Duchess Sherryl
and husband Viscount Wayne Williamson
Ross chats with Princess Shirley and Viscount Wayne as he dons his gear ready to continue north on his journey around Australia having just taken that bit of time out to leave Aussie for a couple of hours
and drop by the Principality.


Here we see Ross and the crew heading out of Nain
but the opportunity to ride out with outriders provided by Royal Grand children could not be missed.

Thanks for the visit Ross!

Check out Ross Noble's "Fizzy Logic Tour" as it passes by your way!

Visit Ross Noble's website:





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