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Planet Tours


Visiting for the day were passengers from

Planet Tours

Regular visitors to the Principality are one of Western Australia's leading Adventure Tour Companies, Planet Perth Tours.

Caught visiting on Sunday February 22nd 2009 were two units of Planet Tours ably led by their own Captains Mark and Michael who are charged with showing visitors around the State of Western Australia, ensuring they have a great time.

What made this visit a little different to the norm was not only that a Webmaster was present with his ever ready Fuji Digital camera to capture the moment, but so too was a three man television film crew here in the Principality filming an episode of a documentary series featuring Micronations around the world, contracted by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation

A great opportunity for the film crew to follow a larger group of visitors around on a guided tour, a tour in fact guided by HRH Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley themselves and a chance for those adventure tourists to gain fame on bot the television and computer screens around the globe having been featured in both the CDC documentary and the Principality website!

The photo's below will give some idea as to the events on this occasion.:...



Planet Perth Tours arrive!
HRH Prince Leonard is "wired for sound"
by a member of the film crew




First things first - Passport and Visa checks


Camera films a Passport check & Visa Stamp issued

Prince Leonard introduces his favourite world map.
Australia of course features on the map, though Australia's capital city is not marked, indeed all of it's major cities are missing, but the Principality of Hutt River is there!


After the Visa's and Govt Building it's time for the Chapel of Nain and a look at some of the paintings.





Check out this "regal group" as they try out the Prince and Princesses Chairs in the Chapel.



Raising the Flag!
The group got to watch HRH Prince Leonard raise the flags of both Hutt River and Canada, in honour of the film crews visit.
This even was filmed by the crew as the National Anthem played with Prince Leonard wearing his "Summers" as
Commander in Chief of the Royal Hutt River Defence Forces.
Prince Leonard also provides the Salute once the flags are raised..












Following the flag raising at the Secession Monument it's into the arcade for a look at the souvenirs and more of the history of the Principality

A look at a gift from the Govt of the Peoples Republic of China


A look and chat about matters of the Principality history.
Prince Leonard demonstrates the Crystal Pendulum and "assists" a visitor with it.




To finish their visit the Adventure Tour groups:..

Watch a Photo Shoot of HRH Prince Ian

The Grand Duke of Hutt
The Earl of Fairvale

Prime Minister
Minister of State
Minister of Economic Development
Minister of Postal Services

The Grand Bailiff of The Royal Order
Knight Commander of The Most Noble & Worthy Order of
 The Crusaders Cross of Jerusalem.




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