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Trooping The Colours
The Birthday of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II,
Horse Guards Parade, London U.K.

Something that we forgot to bring to you earlier in the year was a report from one of Hutt's representatives to the U.K.
on his Attendance at the annual Trooping the Colours held each year as a salute
 to HM Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her birthday.

This years formal pomp and ceremony occasion to mark this event was attended by Sir Peter Thompson K.R.O.
in the company of his lovely wife Lady Kim, representing and carrying  the
Best Wishes of HRH Prince Leonard to HM on the occasion of HM Birthday

Sir Peter sent us back a few photographs to mark this occasion, a couple of those you will find here,
along with an excerpt from Sir Peter's report.

Sir Peter Thompson wrote.................. (Lady) "Kim and I attended the Trooping of the Colour, in honor of HM The Queen's Birthday in Horse Guards Parade (London). 
An Invitation arrived from Buckingham Palace a few weeks before the event. 
When we arrived we were taken to a very good seat, and sat next to The Governor General of Australia, His Excellency Major General Michael Jefferies and Mrs. Jefferies. 
In the row of seats in front and behind were also the GGs of Canada, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG. 
All in all not bad seats, and the day was very good............."

Sir Peter, on behalf of HRH Prince Leonard also took the opportunity to invite Australia's Governor General, His Excellency Major General Michael Jefferies, to visit the Principality when next he had time.

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Sir Peter Thompson K.R.O. (front) with
His Excellency Major General Michael Jefferies (behind).



A scene from the magnificent spectacle that makes up the Trooping The Colours.



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