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Dual Celebrations!

PHOTO's/REPORT from 6th April 2007 (Click Here)

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PHOTO's/REPORT from Diamond Wedding Family Dinner 2007

PHOTO's/REPORT from 21st April 2007!


"Visitor Eye View"
Of the Principality
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Tour and Safari operators along with individuals find Hutt a great place to visit, thus bringing travellers from far and wide to meet with Prince Leonard & Princess Shirley and to hear the story of how Hutt came to be.
We are very grateful to these travellers shown on these pages, people that come from wide and far and who gave their consent to have us follow them around madly taking pictures to see if we can come up with enough decent shots to drop onto the site to help with the "Visitor Eye View" of the Principality.
Another way of looking at it may be that these people are secretly vindictive and love nothing better than to have relatives view the site and see their loved one enjoying him/herself whilst they are home
'slogging it out'!

We never know!

Still, our thanks to all and any who may visit the principality and find us hanging about with our trusty Olympus digital camera clicking away.

Sir Steve & The Hon. Phillip


 The Ehlers

Our first couple of photo's featured here are of a pair of lovely young ladies who dropped by very excitedly
a few days ago with their Mother, hoping very much to meet Prince Leonard.
Upon plucking up the courage to ask if they could have their picture taken with HRH,
Prince Leonard replied that he would be only too happy.
We then moved to the Sovereign's desk in the Board Room where after donning his cloak and taking up his sword,
Prince Leonard formally welcomed them to the Principality whilst photo's were taken.
(A little persuasion got Mum to pose for a moment also).

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Salome 12 (L)
& Saskia 8 (R)
"MUM" Esme Ehlers

Group Arrivals

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One of our regular visits are tours conducted by Red Earth Safaris who drop by every Tuesday.
This group is ably driven & guided by The Hon. David Brown, a man with long ties to the Principality and when you visit you may spot a couple of outstanding items that this man has presented to HRH.
A glass showcase in the Post Office contains a beautiful model that David made of the early Dutch sailing ship "The Batavia" which was wrecked on the Western Australian Coast on 4th June 1629 and in the tea rooms (though soon to be moved to a place of greater prominence) can be seen another of David's creations, that being a hand made steel suit of armour similar to that as made and worn by the famous Australian Bush Ranger, Ned Kelly. This outstanding suit stands displayed on a life-sized timber "mannequin" and is truly an impressive piece of work.
(David was bestowed with the title of "The Honourable" during the 35th anniversary celebrations of the Principality in 2005).


  Red Earth Safaris arrive.  


Immigration Control

H.R.H. Prince Leonard & H.R.H. Princess Shirley
have met the group and now take care of first business.

Passports Proffered Examined Entry/Exit Visa's Issued

Mail is posted   letters sent home.
  Photo Opportunity with
H.R.H. Prince Leonard

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