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Charity Trek drops in for Afternoon tea.


Monday afternoon 28th August saw the annual Channel Seven Toyota Telethon Trekkers drop by Hutt for a visit and to introduce the "Trek Queen" to HRH's Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley.  While in the Province they also took time to have a break from their journey and enjoy afternoon tea in the Tearooms as provided by the Principality.

The Trek's visit was caught on digital imaging by Sir Steve and the Hon Phil, Principality Webmasters.

Trek Arrival...... PHOTO'S Click here!

The Telethon Trek is an annual event and is one of the many fundraising activities that run throughout the year, culminating in the Channel 7 Perth Telethon which this year is to be on the weekend of 21st & 22nd October 2006.  This year will see it's 38th year of broadcast.
Telethon is held in order to raise much needed funds to help  improve the lives of children and young people throughout Western Australia. Since its inception, Telethon has raised over AU$70 million and provided much needed financial assistance to a significant number of charitable organisations, children's hospitals and research/medical facilities.
Benefits from this fundraising are now experienced throughout the world with many medical discoveries having been made through departmens such as the Telethon Funded Telethon Medical Research Institute etc etc.

The Telethon Trek is a mad-cap convoy of mainly veteran and vintage vehicles driven by a mixed bunch of characters who travel the state of Western Australia bringing mayhem as well as fun and laughter with them to the communities through which they travel. Why do they do it????? They do it to raise awareness as well as money for Telethon and the kids of Western Australia.

Whilst in the Principality the drivers and crews of this Trek enjoyed afternoon tea in the Tea Rooms whilst at the same time  Citizens of the Principality and visitors got the chance to view the Trek vehicles and meet the participants in this year's Trek.

"Parked Up"............PHOTO'S Click here!

HRH's Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley were only too happy to receive the Trek Queen during this visit and participate in the zany antics that accompany the Trekkers and chose to receive HM and her entourage on the main steps of the Government Building.
After greeting HM the Trek Queen, Prince Leonard welcomed all Trekkers to the Principality and wished them well in their endeavours. Prince Leonard also officially invited the participants to enjoy afternoon tea in the tea rooms and granted freedom to roam the buildings and displays, thus taking in a rest whilst here.
While security was tight, as can be seen in the photographs, these photographers still managed to break the cordon and get a few shots in. Whilst during HM's walk with the people some-one managed to get off shots from a semi-auto water pistol, as can be seen in the last but one photograph, where all throw up their arms in an attempt to shield themselves from this water attack!

Receiving the Queen.........PHOTO'S Click here!

Having completed the formalities and with full bellies it was time for the Trekkers to leave and head north on their Journey which this year takes them to Exmouth on the west coast of Western Australia.
We thanked them for their visit and wished them well on their journey.

Trekkers depart...........PHOTO'S Click here!


HRH Prince Leonard and HRH Princess Shirley would like to take this opportunity to recommend to all that consideration be given to supporting the Telethon, a wonderful charity that does so much for the children of Western Australia.
Telethon this year will take place on Channel 7 Perth, Western Australia on the weekend 21st & 22nd October.
For more information on Telethon........................CLICK HERE!



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