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Electronic Communications Regulations 2008 (Rev 02 2011)


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 Government Forms:
 (All in .PDF Format - To be completed on computer, printed, signed and posted in the mail to the PHR ONLY!)

to become a Non-Resident
Moratorium on passports announced & dated June 26
th 2017
No new PHR Passports to be issued whilst a security review is conducted
By Order HRH Prince Graeme - Sovereign, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Application for Passport Renewals

Application for PHR GOLD PASS Photo ID Card

Application for Domestic Driverís License 1Year/5 Year
(NOTE: Domestic drivers licence is for use in PHR ONLY not outside!)

Application for International Driverís Permit 1 Year

Royal College of Heraldry Honours Nomination Form .PDF format 

Principality International Business Companies Act  Act No 3 of 2009 ,PDF format

PHR Constitution   Rev 01 Jan 01 2011

 PHR Occupational Health & Safety Policy (For Office Workers) Rev. Aug 2011


Principality National Anthem

The Principality National Anthem was composed by Sir Keith Kerwin from the Foster Brothers Band, a band that performed regularly with Sir Jon English who, along with the Foster Brothers, cut the first recording of this Anthem.

Download the National Anthem Audio Mp3 (1.92Mb File)
Performed by Sir Jon English and the Foster Brothers

Download the National Anthem Lyrics FREE!


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