Awards Presentation Day - 2013    

Senior Supervisor Bert Hilliar marched in the Canadian flag; I "addressed" the flag as follows :-
 "I present to you the flag of our nation between bars of red on a field of white the red maple leaf in the centre it represents the provinces and territories of our country.
 God Save the Queen and heaven bless the Maple Leaf forever".
We then stood to attention whilst sergeant Wallace Hanson played "O Canada" on his violin.
D.C.C. Dame Shirley Metcalfe then welcomed all to the ceremony and handed the meeting over to me.
I gave a short history of the Frontiersmen and our ability to adapt to local needs.
Senior Superintendent Bert Hilliar in his role of ``Guardian`` then escorted the members one by one to awards table for them to be presented with their awards.
The awards distributed were as follows:-


OIOM - Superintendent Candice Wallin.


3 year service medal - Capt. Theresa Vogt, Senior Sergeant A. Hanson, Sergeant W. Hanson, Corporal E. Vogt.


Cross of Honour - Corporal E. Vogt, Lance Corporal J. Wilson


Honour Badge - (150 duties) - Senior Superintendent Bert Hilliar.


Hallamshire Frontiersmen Medal of Merit - Commissioner S. Spooner.

On the completion of the awards I gave a short speech thanking all for attending, etc.
We stood to attention for the playing of the Hutt National Anthem.
The formal part of the meeting over we all settled down to partake of the food which was provided by our female members.
A pleasant end to a very enjoyable occasion.

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
Yours in service.

Sir G. B. Metcalfe KGSIOM., MCM., AMM.
Chief Commissioner.


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      Photo's of the occasion.      
      Flag bearer Senior Superintendent Albert Hilliar &
C.C. Sir Barry Metcalfe “addressing the flag”
  CC Sir Barry Metcalfe addressing the flag   Sergeant
W. Hanson playing Canadian National Anthem while
Senior Superintendent
A. Hilliar presents the Canadian Flag

C. Wallin receiving the PHR O.I.O.M. award.
Albert Hilliar being presented with his 150 duties award "Badge of Honour" and certificate.


Rear row
Sergeant W. Hanson, Senior Superintendent A. Hilliar,
CC Sir B. Metcalfe, Corporal E. Vogt,

Front row  
Superintendent C. Wallin, Commissioner S. Spooner,
Sen. Sergeant A. Hanson, L/C J. Wilson,
Captain T. Vogt, DCC Dame S. Metcalfe


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