Combined Final Quarter & Year Ending Report.
October - December 2007:

A busy quarter this last quarter of 2007, a time that has seen the Troop active in a number of areas with 3 particular highlights to mention.

Firstly.......On Remembrance day our Troop attended the Remembrance Day Service held in the Royal Canadian Legion Hall at which time we laid a wreath, photographs provided show our members taking part in that service.

Secondly......On 25th November we attended St. Marks Anglican Church for the dedication of our Standard.  St. Marks was founded here in Outlook in 1909 and is one of the first churches, if not the first in the town, although the original building was sold and the "new" church built some years after 1909. Photographs again provided show us during this ceremony with the Reverend Dan Fournier (our latest member) officiating.

Thirdly.....Our November meeting saw various members of the Troop receiving Service Awards provided by our Hon. Commissioner in Chief, HRH Prince Leonard for dedicated service to the Unit. Once again some photos provided record this proud event and the members to receive awards this year were:.....

2007 Awards presented for: 

12 months service Member I.O.M. (M.I.O.M.)

Corporal Mark Joseph Paul Verwimp
Sergeant Janice Bennett

2 years service Officer I.O.M. (O.I.O.M.)

Commissioner Carmela Verwimp

5 years service MCM (Meritorious Conduct Medal)

Deputy Chief Commissioner Shirley Muriel Metcalfe

  Yearly Report 2007:

........................From 1st January 2007 to date we have delivered 460 "Meals on Wheels" to the elderly and infirm in Outlook, also assisted the nurse at the "Wellness Clinic" for seniors 7 times.  We have carried out security duties at the "Trade Fair (April) and "Show and Shine" Vintage Car Show (July).
We helped raise money for the Royal Canadian Legion on 6 occasions and held our own "Yard Sale" to raise money for our own funds in June.  Also in June we were invited and attended the annual Outlook Volunteers Bar-B-Q.

The new town War Memorial was dedicated on 12th July and we were in attendance.
 In September we held our annual "Troop Shoot".  
The troop attended the Remembrance Day Service held in the Royal Canadian Legion Hall and we laid a wreath during the service.
On 25th Nov. our standard, which was made by our lady members, was dedicated.
We have just been added to the Junior School Roster as helper and we have carried out one duty so far, that of issuing midmorning snacks to the pupils.  We are currently awaiting receipt of the new roster.
The troop has been asked to carry out Gate/Entrance duties on 21st December at the Outlook Ice Hawks (Ice Hockey Club) game. 
We are also scheduled to man the entrance for a game in January 2008.
G. B. Metcalfe CIOM., AMM.
    Chief Commissioner.


(Click thumbnails below for larger image.)
Remembrance Sunday shows Commissioner C. Verwimp (left) in our parade uniform
and Sergeant J. Bennett in our "working" uniform


  The group , taken in the church, shows (left to right) -
Shirley Metcalfe, Mark Verwimp, Carmela Verwimp, Darian Verwimp (Junior Member), Barry Metcalfe,
The Reverend Dan Fournier (our latest member) and Janice Bennett.
Dedication of the Troops Standard.


  Corporal Mark  Verwimp receives his M.I.O.M. for
12 Months Service.
  Commissioner Carmela Verwimp
receives her O.I.O.M. for
2 Years Service.

Deputy Chief Commissioner
Shirley Metcalfe
receives her MCM for
5 Years Service.



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