Final Quarter Report
October - December 2011:

Chief Commissioner Metcalfe reports another very successful year of volunteering duties has drawn to a close and thus he submits the final After Action quarterly report for 2011.

(See photos below.)

bullet  Troop continues to assist with the "coffee morning" which is held in Ridgedale Monday - Saturday every week in the "Seniors Centre", thus giving locals the opportunity to meet in mutual fellowship with one another and on 53 occasions this last quarter, the troop ran this event.
bullet On 6 occasions during this quarter we helped sort items delivered to the Salvation Army Charity Store in the town of Tisdale. Proceeds raised were once again for local charities.
bullet The Food Bank. - 6 times the troop ran the Tisdale Food Bank Distribution Centre.
bullet On 20 occasions the troop collected food contributions from various stores in Tisdale and delivered them to the Food Distribution Centre for allocation.
bullet Medical car - 8 times local residents were transported for medical appointments to and from the city of Saskatoon and the towns of Nipawin and Nanaimo.
bullet Food catering duties were carried out 12 times for Ridgedale Pot Luck Supper/Annual Fall Supper; Sylvania Day Car Pancake Breakfast, Ratner Fall Supper, Nipawin Sellathon Day and Sylvania Theatre Annual Dinner.
bullet 18 volunteer duties were carried out at a local nursing home.
bullet Our member with musical talent helped entertain at various Seniors Centres and Care Homes in the area on 5 occasions.
bullet Helping Hands - during the quarter members carried out:
26 duties checking empty property and/or feeding pets in the absence of their owners;
4 duties at a local library;
7 occasions a member assisted staff at a local junior school with children who have reading difficulties.
bullet Remembrance Day Service (11th November) - Members were again present at this annual service where we presented a wreath in memory of those who had given their all so that we might be free.
(See photos below).
bullet On 5 occasions the troop "manned" the Salvation Army "Kettles" in Tisdale Co-op helping to collect money to purchase items for Christmas Hampers (food and toys) for the less fortunate in the community. (See photo's below).

Our last troop meeting prior to Christmas was followed by a Christmas dinner served with all the trimmings!! (See photo's below).

My goal is to bring like minded people closer together and it is that alone that makes our volunteering all worth while.

We look forward to continuing our volunteer duties in 2012.

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
             Sir G. B. Metcalfe KGCIOM., MCM., AMM.
            Chief Commissioner.


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LFICC Annual Awards Ceremony

I am enclosing report from the Parkland Review Newspaper ref our Annual Awards Day Ceremony. 

       I appointed Albert Hilliar "Escort" for the day; he escorted the recipients from their seats to the front of the hall and back again to their seats. D.C.C. Shirley Metcalfe also took a more active part this year.

        The Itinerary was as follows:-

1.  At 2pm Superintendent Albert Hilliar marched in the Canadian Flag from the back of the hall to the front.

2.   then "addressed" the flag

3.  Superintendent Pastor Brian Friesen lead the singing of  "O Canada". This was followed by a short "blessing". I then instructed Superintendent Hilliar to "Deposit the Flag".

4.  D.C.C. Shirley Metcalfe gave a speech briefly outlining our past 12 month’s activities.

5.  C.C. Sir Barry Metcalfe then began the process of presenting the awards.

6.  C.C. Sir Barry Metcalfe then thanked everyone for attending.

7.   Everyone stood whilst Commissioner Stella Spooner played the disc of the Hutt River National Anthem.

8.   C.C. Sir Barry Metcalfe then declared the formal part of the proceedings over.

9.   This was followed by refreshments..


Pictures taken during the Awards Ceremony.


Awards Table

C.C. Sir Barry Metcalfe receiving his PHR elevation to KGCIOM Commissioner Stella Spooner being awarded her volunteer service medal for 200 duties.





Corporal Annabelle Hanson receiving MIOM

Corporal Elmer Vogt receiving MIOM Sergeant Wallace Hanson receiving MIOM Sergeant Theresa Vogt receiving MIOM



10 Public Duties Award D.C.C. Shirley Metcalfe receiving the Volunteer Service Medal with 2 Bars for 400 Duties Frontierswoman Candice Wallin receiving the
New Zealand Command Centennial Medal


Sergeant Wallace Hanson receiving Badge of Honour for completing 150 duties

Frontierswoman Joyce Wilson receiving "The Commendable Service Bar" in appreciation of her devoted and loyal service to the LFICC.

Corporal Annabelle Hanson also receiving "Badge of Honour" for completing 150 duties



Superintendent Albert Hilliar receiving the Hallamshire Frontiersmen Medal of Merit Superintendent Brian Friesen Receiving The Commendable Service Bar LFICC Troop

Other photo's

Remembrance Day - November 11 2011 C.C. Sir Barry Metcalfe ready to present a wreath Remembrance Day Service Frontierswoman Candice Wallin on duty with the Royal Canadian Legion with Veteran Andy Myles Dec 04 2011 Salvation Army Kettle in Tisdale Co-op Store




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