Second Quarter Report
April - June 2007:

Once again Chief Commissioner Metcalfe has every right to be proud of what he and the members of this unit have done throughout the second quarter of 2007
being March - June.

Chief Commissioner Metcalfe reports:...............
"So far in this second quarter our unit has continued it's commitment to support the Outlook meals-on-wheels service to the local community and in so doing so we have supported this effort by delivery of 143 meals and visits to the aged and infirm in the town.

In the Month of April our unit also carried out security duty once again at the annual Outlook Trade Fair and we also provided assistance to the nurse at the Outlook Wellness Clinic twice.

June had the unit invited to and attend the Outlook Volunteer Services B-B-Q.

         We have "affiliated" this quarter with the New Zealand Command, The Independent Overseas Command and the Volunteer Corps of Frontiersmen.

Our annual shooting competition is to be arranged for sometime in the fall.

             G. B. Metcalfe CIOM., AMM.
            Chief Commissioner.




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Published - April 23 2007

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