Second Quarter Report
April - June 2009:

The first quarter of this year saw the Commanders of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, Canada relocate from the town of Outlook to the Village of Ridgedale, Saskatchewan. Now that the Command is in place the unit has recommenced service.

Chief Commissioner Metcalfe reports:...............

"The Command was relocated to the village of Ridgedale, Saskatchewan and we have 3 new members;  2 uniformed - Barbara Messenger, Stella Spooner CIOM., and 1 Hon. Member - Harvey Messenger.

  1.  A bingo session is held weekly to raise money to help the "Seniors Hall" be viable and the command members help run this event on a regular basis.

  2.  A "coffee morning" is held in the "Seniors Hall" every day except Sundays - this is always well attended by the local farming community who come to town to meet up with friends and exchange news and views - essential for a local rural community.  Again our members are involved in running this project.

  3.  May 4th.  We completed a village "clean up" collecting litter, cans etc., from the streets.

  4.  On 4 occasions recently members have cut the grass in public places in the village free gratis.

  5.  April 19th was the Annual Community Sale of goods held in the Community Hall and once again members were involved helping organise this event. 

  6.  It was decided to recommence the Ridgedale "Horse Shoe Throwing Tournament".  Members helped organise and took part in the competition which was very well attended.

  7.  A new recruit to our Unit is Barb Messenger. Barb is Clerk of the Ridgedale Council and is a very dedicated person who carries out all her duties unpaid and undaunted.

  8.  At a meeting held 28th June S. Spooner, B. Messenger were presented with their "Service Badges" for 10 public duties presented by Chief Commissioner G.B.Metcalfe, B. Messenger was also presented with her "Service Badge" for 30 public duties.

 I enclose pictures taken at our Ridgedale command meeting held 28th June 2009.  All present were in our "working dress" on this occasion."

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
Yours in Service.
             Sir G. B. Metcalfe KIOM., AMM.
            Chief Commissioner.

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Chief Commissioner Metcalfe presenting B. Messenger with Service Badge Chief Commissioner Metcalfe presenting S. Spooner with public service badge Deputy Commissioner S. Metcalfe, B. Messenger & S. Spooner C.I.O.M


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