First Quarter Report
Jan - March 2007:

.........................Our "Meals on Wheels" delivery is still going strong, we have delivered a further 140 meals this quarter.
    We have been on duty helping the nurse at the senior citizens "Wellness" Clinic on 2 occasions since 1st January.
     The annual "Show and Shine" vintage car display will this year be held on 21st July in the museum grounds.  We have been asked to provide security cover as we did last year.
      Regular contact has been made with the Corps of Imperial Frontiersmen mounted troop based in Manitoba.
      We have contacted the town committee regarding the Outlook Centenary celebrations in 2008 when we hope to part of these celebrations.
       We have gained our first Junior Member, Darian Verwimp - son of Mark and Carmela Verwimp (who are both members of this command) - Darian will help his parents deliver "Meals on Wheels" when available.
        A lady who has served in the Medical Corps of the Canadian Army has made enquiries regarding joining, Deputy Chief Commissioner Shirley Metcalfe and I are to interview her this coming week.
        May we take this opportunity to congratulate the Principality on achieving 37 years of independence.
             G. B. Metcalfe
    Chief Commissioner.



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