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Hon. Commissioner in Chief H.R.H. Prince Leonard, Principality of Hutt River

Box 4214, Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0 CANADA
Chief Commissioner Lord G.B. Metcalfe Earl of Lindsey KCRO., KGSIOM., MCM., AMM


Second Quarter Report
April - June 2016:

Once again I am pleased to provide our After Action Report for the second quarter of 2016.

DCC Dame Shirley and I recently successfully attended a National Disaster Training Programme under the management of the Salvation Army.
We can now be called upon as part of an emergency team run by the Salvation Army. Even at our age we could issue blankets make sandwiches and issue cups of tea/coffee etc.

Please find my report for April, May, June 2016  


Ridgedale Community Association - Assisted with catering on 2 occasions .


Medical Car - On 5 occasions this quarter local residents were transported for medical appointments in Prince Albert, Nipawin and Saskatoon.


Salvation Army National Disaster Training Programme - Members of the Troop successfully attended this training programme.


Community in Bloom. - Our member represented the command at the "Preparation Meeting" and "Open House Night".    


Helping Hands - During the quarter 10 security checks were carried out on private property. 
Usher duties carried out at musical concert in Melfort. 
Door security duties at the Rotary Club and Canadian Legions function "Beef, Beans and Beer" festival. 
Registration duties at the annual Melfort M.S. Walk. 
On 5 occasions meals were delivered to local house bound residents.  
On 7 occasions members visited sick and elderly people in hospital and care homes.



Annual Troop Shoot - This event was held Sat June 4th. After the shoot we all enjoyed a potluck meal.

Legion of Frontiersmen Independent Command, U.K.



The annual GB Anzac Day Parade was attended by our sister troop on 26th April at Cannock Chase Staffordshire England.

Once again another 3 months of volunteer duties successfully carried out.
This concludes the report for this quarter.

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
Yours in service.

CC Lord G. B. Metcalfe. Earl of Lindsey, KGSIOM., MCM., AMM.
Chief Commissioner.


CC Lord Barry Metcalfe & DCC Dame Shirley Metcalfe with their certificatres having completed the Salvation Army National Disaster Training Programme
CC Lord Barry Metcalfe
with his certificate
CC Lord Barry Metcalfe
DCC Dame Shirley Metcalfe
DCC Dame Shirley Metcalfe
with her certificate



Photos & report on the 2016 annual troop shoot
The 2016 annual troop shoot was held on Saturday June 04th. It was a very windy day but we managed to hold it anyway.
Captain Wallace Hanson was unable to shoot this year due to sporting a neck brace. He was however there supporting us.  

Winner DCC Dame S. Metcalfe,
2nd CC Lord B. Metcalfe, 
3rd place Commissioner A. Hilliar.

(Photos below).
CC Lord Barry presenting DCC Dame Shirley Metcalfe with her
1st place trophy & plaque
DCC Dame Shirley Metcalfe presenting CC Lord Barry with his 2nd place trophy CC Lord Barry presenting
Comm. A. Hilliar with his
3rd place trophy
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