Second Quarter Report
July - September 2009:

Chief Commissioner Metcalfe reports:...............

"We now have 2 troops operating;  1 in Ridgedale and the original troop in Outlook (both in the Province of Saskatchewan)."

  1.  During this period the Outlook Troop delivered 61  "Meals on Wheels" to the aged and infirm in the town of Outlook.

  2.  On 13 occasions, members of the Ridgedale Troop assisted with the running of the weekly bingo sessions which are held in the Community Centre to raise funds for the running of the Senior Citizens Hall.

  3.  Members of the Ridgedale Troop carried out the cutting of grass in the public areas of the village and cemetery "clean-up" s on 7 occasions;  branches of trees situated alongside the main street in the village were also pruned on 12th August.

  4.  Once a month a "pot luck" supper is held in the Ridgedale Seniors Hall -  this is an essential part of the community activities as this is a rural farming area and people look forward to meeting and sharing news with their neighbours - Ridgedale Troop carried out duties for this event on 5th July.

  5.  A "coffee morning" is held Monday - Saturday every week in the Ridgedale Seniors Hall which gives locals the opportunity to meet in mutual fellowship with one another and on 6 occasions the Ridgedale Troop members ran this event.

  6.  The Ridgedale Village Stall was manned by our members at the annual "Silver Stream Fair" on 26th July. 

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
             Sir G. B. Metcalfe KIOM., AMM.
            Chief Commissioner.


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