The Legion of Frontiersmen
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Hon. Commissioner in Chief H.R.H. Prince Leonard, Principality of Hutt River

Box 4214, Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0 CANADA
Chief Commissioner Lord G.B. Metcalfe, Earl of Lindsey, KGSIOM., MCM., AMM





Third Quarter Report
July - September 2016:



I am pleased to provide the usual report of the LOFICC for July, August and September 2016.


Canada Day Celebrations:- Members assisted at the local celebrations of our country's "birthday". .


Medical car:- On 6 occasions this quarter local residents were transported for medical treatment to Prince Albert and Saskatoon


Grass Cutting:- Members helped cut the grass in Ratner cemetery.


Helping Hands:- During the quarter 14 security checks were carried out on private property and pets fed in the absence of their owners.  
On 17 occasions members visited sick and elderly people in hospital and care homes.  
 4 times hot meals were delivered to local house bound elderly people.  
 Our member with musical talent once again assisted in entertaining in various seniors centres on 3 occasions.


I am most pleased to report that in the 91st Birthday Honours List announced by HRH Prince Leonard of the PHR, 2 of our members were recognised by our Hon. Commissioner in Chief, and made Commaners of the Illustrious Order of Merit (CIOM).
The Honour was awarded to:
Captain Wallace Hanson CIOM., MCM., LOFICC
Captain Annabelle Hanson CIOM., MCM


Awards:- Issued as part of the August Troop meet in August 2016:-
Commissioner Albert Hilliar was issued with a certificate and pin for 300 duties
Captain Wallace Hanson receiving certificate and pin for 700 duties.
Congratulations to both gentlemen on job well done.

(See photos below.)

Legion of Frontiersmen Independent Command, U.K. 


Funeral:- Attended funeral in Lancaster for Major (LF) David Mellor of the Canadian Division UK Command.


Eden Camp:- Members attended the Eden Camp Veterans Annual Parade.


Marshalling Duties:- Marshalling duties carried out at Roundhay Park Leeds for the Annual Triathon Competition.

This concludes my report of yet another very busy 3 months for the command which despite being small in numbers, we are still able to continue our duties to the public in our local area.

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
Yours in service.

CC Lord G. B. Metcalfe. Earl of Lindsey, KGSIOM., MCM., AMM.
Chief Commissioner.


      Annual Awards Day Ceremony 2016      
    L - R
C.C. Lord Barry Metcalfe Presenting
Commissioner Albert Hilliar with certificate and pin for 300 duties
  L - R
C.C. Lord Barry Metcalfe Presenting
Captain Wallace Hanson with certificate and pin for 700 duties.


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