Frontiersmen Award Presentation - Newspaper Article
The Parkland Review
18 June 2010

Unfortunately the image received of the newspaper article that appeared in the June 18 edition of "The Parkland Review" was of poor quality so a transcript of that article is re-printed here with full recognition of the original author, Journalist/photographer, Ivy Wilson.


Ridgedale Frontiersmen honour members
By Ivy Wilson

For over a year the Legion of Frontiersmen’s independent Command Canada have been gaining members and are becoming increasingly more well-known in the community of Ridgedale and last week they honoured several local volunteers and members with awards.

Four honours were handed out on the afternoon of Friday, June 11 at the Ridgedale Senior Centre, the first was presented to Barbara Messenger who received the title of Dame of the Order of Wisdom and Learning from Prince Leonard of Hutt River, who is the honorary commissioner-in-chief.

“It is 40 years since Hutt River declared independence from Australia and three times a year honours are given out by the principality, and this year, on the 40th anniversary, a member of our community was mentioned on the honours list,” said Barry Metcalfe of Messenger’s award.

Messenger was honoured for her dedication to the scouting movement for in excess of 25 years, particularly in the area of training support and organization and supervisory roles in the dedicated development of youth as well as other community service that she has undertaken in the community including the man-hours spent at the Senior Centre helping at potluck suppers, coffee hours and at Bingo and offering her assistance to those in the community.

The next award presented was given to Harvey Messenger, who is not a member, but was honoured for his volunteer work by receiving the New Zealand Commemorative Badge from the New Zealand command.

The third award bestowed was to member Brian Friesen, who was awarded the Hallamshire Frontiersmen Medal of Merit due to his work as a youth pastor, assisting youth across the country on the dangers of excessive alcohol and use of drugs. 
“I happened to be talking on the phone with an old friend of mine in England, who runs a Frontiersmen outfit,” said Metcalfe “When I mentioned Brian to him and what he had done over the years, he immediately awarded him the Hallamshire Frontiersmen Medal of Merit for outstanding services to the youth of Canada.”

The final award presented that afternoon was given to Barry Metcalfe, who was bestowed with the rank of Knight Commander of the Illustrious Order of Merit for services from Prince Leonard of Hutt River due to his service in the community in work and action.

Barry and Shirley Metcalfe started a chapter of the group upon moving to the community a few years ago, as Barry has been a member for nearly 20 years and Shirley for around eight. The group’s history traces back to England in the early 1900’s, and was originally a militia of the then British Empire. The group later demilitarized and are now dedicated to serving the community.

Article as it appeared.

Photo from the article.
Four Award recipients: L-R
Mr Harvey Messenger
Chief Comm. Sir Barry Metcalfe KCIOM., AMM.
Commissioner Dame Barbara Messenger DOWL.
Hon. Chaplain
Pastor Brian Friesen
Photo Courtesy:
The Parkland Review.

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