H.R.H. Prince Leonard is proud to announce that he has accepted the honour of being appointed the:

Honorary Commissioner in Chief
of the Legion of Frontiersmen,
Independent Command,

The newest member to the World Wide Family of Frontiersmen,
the Legion of Frontiersmen Independent Command, Canada,
based in Outlook, Saskatchewan

1st day of June 2006

(Command re-located to Ridgedale, Saskatchewan as of Jan 2009)

(Command re-located to Melfort, Saskatchewan as of June 2014)





Corporal Louise Dixon being presented with a promotion certificate by Chief Commissioner G. B. Metcalfe.
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Some of the Legions ranks.
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        The Legion of Frontiersmen was founded in 1904 by an English Army Captain Pocock and the organization was, at that time, recognized by the (then) War Office as an Intelligence unit ‘Associated’ with the armed forces.  

       The uniformed groups from Manchester UK volunteered to help the King of Belgium at the outbreak of World War I and were in action prior to Britain entering the war.  The Belgian King was so delighted he made the Frontiersmen his personal bodyguard and, following active service made awards to members of the contingent. 

ince that time the units have been closely linked with the Belgian army and Crown and enjoy a special parade at White Hall, in London, at the Cenotaph when representatives of the Belgian Forces and members of the Crown or Government attend.

       Members of the Frontiersmen, now forming a part of the Belgian group, attached to the 3rd Belgian Lancers, massed at Horse Guards Parade, when called, and volunteered en masse to form the 25th Royal Fusiliers (Frontiersmen) Brigade in which 3,000 members served in Africa.  Lieutenant Dartnell won the Victoria Cross and the frontiersmen were awarded four Battle Honours for this event alone.  Several members won decorations, the unit was mentioned in dispatches and the Prime Minister of South Africa was so impressed, he said, that he joined the frontiersmen, refusing rank stating that being a member was honour enough.

       Lord Battenberg (Mountbatten) and quite a considerable number of noted and eminent personalities joined and this included Baden Powell, Scott and Shackleton of the Antarctic, and included a number of retired high ranking officers of the armed forces.

       Since time has passed the frontiersmen are not now a recognized unit of any note, as members ‘recognized’ by the Minister of Defence (War Office) as in these modern times, most older members are not required for active service.  Younger members join the forces in times of emergencies and join the appropriate branches of the forces.

      Although the Legion of Frontiersmen still enjoy cognizance of the Military authorities, we are a separate Volunteer organization preferring to retain our own organization separate from outside influences (or command).    

     The function of the frontiersmen nowadays is purely ceremonial and attend ex-services parades, memorial events, provide Guards of Honour for local events, attend Country Fairs and act as stewards or security (in return for donations to unit funds) and generally act as a uniformed ex-service association but admitting to membership, those who have not been in the forces, if they accept the ideals and interests of the Legion and prove to be acceptable in a uniformed, disciplined ‘quasi’ military organization. With growing costs and modernization we have, today, few mounted units but two Mounted Troops exist at Birmingham and Skelmerdale.  We enjoy the mounted members leading our parades when circumstances allow.

     Nowadays there are several separate and distinct branches (Commands) of Frontiersmen.  First the Commonwealth Command with strong connections with New Zealand members, some in Australia and a few in Canada, whilst the Canadian Division separated in 1938 to be an independent branch.

     In 1927 the Independent Overseas Command was separately formed by the Commander of  the 25th (Africa) and extended membership to many overseas nations within the Commonwealth.  The modern IOC now has members in Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Latvia, Spain and Austria.  Most members however are in the United Kingdom. 

     We at the Principality, wish Chief Commissioner G. B. Metcalfe and this Ridgedale, Saskatchewan branch, all the very best in it's endeavours within the community and we look forward to following those efforts with great interest.



The start of 2009 saw the Command of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, CANADA
re-locate to the small Saskatchewan village of Ridgedale, where the work of the unit continues to grow.

Independent Command, Outlook/Ridgedale, Saskatchewan, CANADA


Legion of Frontiersmen,
Independent Command CANADA.
Commissioner, Dame Commander Stella Spooner DCIOM, MCM



Report on the LFICC & LFICUK
First quarter of 2017

Legions look at the town of
'Outlook', Saskatchewan


Legions look at the village of
'Ridgedale' Saskatchewan


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