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Wednesday Dec 26 saw PHR fire-fighters, joined by two Australian units, fight a grass fire adjacent to the Principality main power generator in Nain.
Quick action by all those involved managed to stop the fire before it reached the machinery yards
where expensive large machinery was parked up for the Christmas break.
No damage was incurred.

(PUBLISHED December 2012)

2012 Willowfest Cricket Competition underway! VISIT THE 2012 WILLOWFEST PAGE FOR LATEST NEWS!  (Published December 2012)
Royal Rhetoric (Published December 2012)
Royal Hutt River Defence Forces Militaria items available to purchase for first time!  (Published December 2012)
Royal Hutt River Dedication Cricket Club Captain Sir Geoffrey Pascoe announced "Rhodes Scholar for 2012"! READ MORE!  (Published December 2012)

LFICC "AFTER ACTION REPORT" Third quarter of 2012  (Published October 2012)
Royal Hutt River Defence Forces Updated website section opened STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION  (Published October 2012)
Red Cross Of Hutt - ECCWA Presentation  (Published October 2012)
On The Road Again Tours Inc. Visiting Nain Raising funds for the Flying Doctor Service  (Published October 2012)
Website section of the
Hon. PHR High Representative to the U.S.A.  (Published October 2012)

Royal Rhetoric  (Published September 2012)
PHR Royal College of  Heraldry (RCH) EM's Office & RCH Services Available
  (Published September 2012)
Royal Hutt River Artillery School "AFTER ACTION REPORT"August 2012  (Published September 2012)

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT "Avram & Grand Duchy" Heraldic public disclaimer Issued by the RCH Earl Marshal   (Published August 2012)
*** Sovereigns 87th Birthday Honours List announced!*** (Published August 2012)
Check out PHR at the 2012 Alternative Games HERE!   (Published August 2012)
Historic Archives -
Lot more documents made available! 
(Published August 2012)
Early Poem Found! - By: Francis W. Stanzzonelli  (Published August 2012)
Historic Archives
 Hutt River Nationality Act  02 1997 .PDF   (Published August 2012)
Historic Archives
Judicial Factors Effecting the Legality of the Secession
 (Published August 2012)
Historic Archives
HRP  Vs Australia Declaration of and Cessation of War copies of original Telegrams  02 & 04 Dec 1977.PDF  (Published August 2012)
PHR represented by Dame Julia Galvin at the:
2012 World Alternative Games Championships Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, Mid Wales, UK (Published August 2012)
RHRL Goes into Action! Ethnic Communities Council of WA 2012 Wattle Day Book Fair (Published August 2012)

Dame Julia Galvin represented PHR in the: World Wife Carrying Championships SONKAJARVI, FINLAND  (Published July 2012)
LFICC "AFTER ACTION REPORT" Second Quarter Report 2012 
(Published July 2012)

Royal Hutt River Rally Team Competes: TRANS AMERICA CHALLENGE FINAL RESULTS  (Published June 2012)
IN MEMORIAM Hon. Chargé d'Affaires New England Rear Admiral, Dr. Sir Anthony G. Ziagos Sr.  KCRO., MCM., RHRN.**  (Published June 2012)
Investiture of Sir Richard Barton 
(Published June 2012)

** Introducing the latest Regiment of the RHRDF: The Royal Hutt River Legion Invite to Join!**
(Published May 2012)
Royal Hutt River Rally Team Competes: 1978 "Readyplan Rally" Re-Run 2012 
(Published May 2012)
Royal Hutt River Rally Team Competes: TRANS AMERICA CHALLENGE NEWS PAGE  (Published May 2012)
International Blowing Bubbles Day! 06 May 2012  (Published May 2012)

Royal Hutt River Rally Team Announces: TRANS AMERICA CHALLENGE  (Published April 2012)
42nd Anniversary Honours ANNOUNCED! ***
(Published April 2012)
New Website addition! Ministry Foreign Affairs  
(Published April 2012)

LFICC "AFTER ACTION REPORT" First quarter of 2012  (Published March 2012)
*  (Published March 2012)
Newly uncovered! Original Secession Documents  (Published March 2012)
Royal Rhetoric  (Published March 2012)
Principality International Swim Team "SILVERFISH" RESULTS & PHOTO"S  (Published March 2012)

"SILVERFISH" First event! Busselton Jetty 3.6km Swim  Published February 2012)

Royal Hutt River Artillery After Action Report January 2012  (Published January 2012)
"ROYAL HUTT RIVER SILVERFISH" First competition announced: Rottnest Channel Swim  (Published January 2012)
Willowfest Cricket Competition 2011 Results & details found HERE!
  (Published January 2012)
Report on Dame Julia Galvin officiating at Geraldton Australia Day Celebrations
(Published January 2012)
Julia Galvin, PHR Novelty Sports representative Helping Geraldton Celebrate Australia Day  (Published January 2012)
LFICC"AFTER ACTION REPORT" Final Quarter Report 2011  (Published January 2012)
2012 New Year Honours List ANNOUNCED!
*** (Published January 2012)




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