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 Whilst we have long known and utilised the 3 Chivalric Orders of the Principality, these being in order of precedence, 'Illustrious Order of Merit, Serene Order of Leonard & Royal Order', each headed by one of
the Royal Sons. There is a fourth Son, who till now, had no Order to head.

Early in 2007 whilst sorting through the archives of Hutt some documents were uncovered that had been hidden away for over quarter of a century.
Documents and more to the point, publications, left behind following the death of the Principality's first Earl Marshal and founder of the Principality Royal College of Heraldry
Dr. Bishop D.A. Metcalfe DD.
In amongst these papers was discovered that fourth Order of Hutt, an Order that had been left unfinished at the time of the good Bishops passing.

Dr. Metcalfe founded most of the heraldic examples that we see around the Principality today and he wrote the original "rule book" with regards the Heraldic Law and precedence of the Principality and in so doing so created the "unique" system that you see in use today and that book of rules of Heraldic Principles is:
The Earl Marshals Regulations.

Subsequent Earl Marshals have followed and upheld those principles and the current Earl Marshal,
Dr. Sir David P. Burkart K.C.R.O. and his team has worked hard not only to uphold these Laws but to re-document and complete the work that has gone before them, to rescue and recover that data and those heraldic examples before they are lost, to revise and re-issue the "Earl Marshals Regulations".
It is thanks to Sir David that we find this fourth Order has been rescued, completed and January of 2008 saw the OWL Honours issued as part of HRH Prince Leonard's New Years Honours, the first in history!

The Order of Wisdom & Learning
(taken from the yet to be completed revised Earl Marshal Regulations)

Order of Wisdom & Learning

Grand Master
Duke of Gilboa
Prince Graeme

The Order of Wisdom and Learning is fourth in order of precedence.  It has four grades, including one below the level of knighthood.  This order is a reconstituted version of an older PHR order, with a new name and purpose.  Its primary objective is to recognize persons who have made significant contributions to the field of education at all levels.


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The Order of Wisdom and Learning 

The Grand Master, The Duke of Gilboa 

Knight Grand Star  (KGSOWL) 

Knight Commander  (KCOWL) 

Knight  (KOWL) 

Companion  (COWL)

Sir David and his Faculty have been very busy with the Chivalric Orders having restored all of the arms and crests etc of the Orders to digital format and as we progress further into 2008 you will see the re-appearance of the long forgotten Grand Cross of Hutt, the highest single Award that the Sovereign can bestow on a foreign dignitary or Head of State and the resurrection of the Order of the Red Cross of Hutt, a long established Charitable Order under the Chair of HRH Princess Shirley and the Duchesses of Hutt.

This website will soon publish the Orders of Precedence Chart of the Four Heraldic Orders of Hutt inc graphics of the Jewels or Regalia entitled to be worn by the recipients of those Awards or Honours so keep watching!

A short while ago a simple formal ceremony was held in the Reception Office in Nain where the Duke of Gilboa, Prince Richard was formally presented with his Diploma as Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom and Learning
as well as the crest of that Order and the chart of Ranks and Jewels of the Order.
Following are a few photo's of that moment.

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HRH Prince Leonard Introduces the Duke of Gilboa,
Prince Graeme



  HRH Prince Leonard presents the Duke with
his Diploma as Grand Master of the
Order of Wisdom & Learning.






The Duke of Gilboa receives a copy of the First Honour Awarded in the
New Year Honours List of 2008 and a chart of the
Ranks & Jewels of the Order.


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