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26-28 May 2006 

Lt. Colonel William B. Speir, Jr.



The Chief of the Royal Artillery (and Commander of the Royal School of Artillery) represented the PHR and the RHRA at the 22nd Annual Artillery Live Fire Competition hosted by the Loyal Train of Artillery Chapter of the United States Field Artillery Association (USFAA) at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma over the Memorial Day weekend.  The Live Fire Competition is an annual event that includes both an instructors training course as well as a scored competition for firing solid shot and canister shot from 19th century patterned muzzle-loading cannons and mortars.

The Chief of the Royal Artillery attended the event at the request of the USFAA senior officers who presented the Chief of the Royal Artillery with a certificate of appreciation, at a ceremony on Saturday night, for the work that the Royal School of Artillery did in producing the training manuals that are now in use for all USFAA muzzle-loading artillery schools.  “He did an excellent job in producing a set of manuals that we can use,” stated Arthur Street of the USFAA at the ceremony.  “We had been trying to get new manuals written for a couple if years, and now we have something that is truly a quality work.”  Copies of the Artillery Manuals were on display for members of the USFAA and other artillerists to peruse.

The Chief of the Royal Artillery also participated in the Live Fire competition as one of the Range Safety Officers.  In that capacity, the Chief of the Royal Artillery helped ensure that the artillery range was clear and that the artillery units were all following the strict safety rules imposed by the United States Army.


Participating in educational activities is a core function of the 1st Regiment Royal Artillery and the Royal School of Artillery.  By providing educational materials that can be used by a branch of the United States Army, we build closer ties with this military organization and advance our goals of the recognition of the RHRA and the PHR.


The public recognition of the Royal School of Artillery’s efforts in producing the Artillery Manuals raised the awareness of many of the event participants about the PHR and the RHRA.  The event also provided many opportunities to discuss the PHR and the RHRA and our mission in the United States.  The good will generated by attending the event has already secured an invitation to return to next year’s event, where the Royal Artillery may enter the competition as a participant.




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