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Final Quarter Reports 2015
October – December 2015

Royal Hutt River Legion - Command HQ Report.

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Headquarters Command in this final quarter of 2015 has directed it's time to promoting the RHRL seeking out suitable items for donation to those in need. Items including good quality used clothing and toys have continued to be amongst the main items collected though HQ also supported the Barton Platoons requirement for herbal teas for the aged and mentally challenged patients in hospitals that they work with. We are pleased to say that we were able to accrue a good and large selection of teas which were shipped to the Platoon for distribution.

Some of the actions carried out this quarter have been.


HQ Command continued to collect clothing and similar items for distribution to those in need.


One used computer was donated to a family who could use a computer but not necessarily afford one.


HQ Command continues to support the efforts of our other members and units in providing service to their areas of concern globally and continues to seek out those who could use the services available from the Royal Hutt River Legion.


HQ put out a call for support in collecting herbal teas which resulted ina  good assortment being packaged and sent to the 1st Barton PLatoon in Perth to aid in their action.


The Board of Command are once again most pleased with the number and results of actions carried out by the Perth based 1st Barton Platoon and again we call for interested persons, wherever you may be located but who wish to help others in the name of and with the support of the PHR, it's Sovereign and infrastructure to contact us and make yourselves known. There is no cost to join, the only money involved is to cover the cost of uniforms which are inexpensive and designed so as to be worked in and recognised as serving members of the RHRDF.

In HRH Service,
Board of Officers - RHRL Command HQ




1st Barton Platoon



While the Platoon was under strength, with Lt. Casselton on leave, this has been a productive three months with two major projects, donating Christmas gifts to women and children staying at Starick Services and providing herbal tea to patients in the Armadale Health Service Mental Health Facility. The latter was made possible through the active support of Royal Hutt River Legion Command Headquarters and the staff of the State Records Office and State Library of WA.

The Platoon has continued with its ongoing support for homeless people, public libraries and seniors, providing food to people begging in inner city Perth, donating periodicals to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library and gifts to socially isolated seniors at Amaroo Retirement Village in Gosnells.

The unit has also provided support to Aboriginal, culturally and linguistically diverse background (CaLD) and migrant Australians along with people with disabilities, low income people and refugees.

We look forward to continuing these projects, and embarking on new ventures, during the first three months of 2016.

Activities October to December 2015



Lt. Amanda Casselton

Lt Casselton took three months well deserved leave during this period. However, she retained an active interest in RHRL during this time and will resume supporting seniors and the Shire of Manjimup Public Library during 2016.

Sgt. Lisa “Aliyah” Oliver

Sgt Oliver was highly active during the last quarter 2015, arranging for a dictionary to be provided to an Aboriginal man, studying part time, supporting libraries in Manjimup and the Torres Strait, wrapping gifts for seniors and helping to provide magazines for patients in the Armadale Health Service High Dependency Unit.

Ms. Jennifer Jenkins

Ms. Jenkins, a long time supporter, continued to contribute to our activities. She donated gifts for people staying in Starick Services woman’s refuge over Christmas, as well as providing herbal tea and magazines for the Armadale Health Service.

Other Supporters

We would like to acknowledge the support of RHRL Command HQ, Dame Maureen Barton, Mr. Mark Chowan, Mrs. Shirley Cook, Ms. Roz Italiano,




Aboriginal Australians

At Sgt Oliver’s initiative we provided a copy of “The Macquarie Dictionary” to an Aboriginal man undertaking part time studies.

Maj. Barton distributed information on “Stayin’ On Track,” a support program for Aboriginal fathers which operates as a partnership between the University of Newcastle & the Young and Well Co-operative Research Centre via Warren Blackwood Human Services Network. The manager of the Warren Blackwood Community Health Unit contacted Maj. Barton to thank him for posting this material, which would be useful to the health unit staff. This information was provided by Ms. Jennifer Jenkins.


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Western Australians (CaLD)

Maj. Barton posted a media release “ECCWA Council to Launch Website to Report Racism” from the Ethnic Communities Council of WA (ECCWA) on WAIN.  This release followed the discovery of poorly drawn swastikas and white supremest slogans in the Midland Gate Shopping Centre car park. 

Maj. Barton circulated the ECCWA newsletter via WAIN.



Maj. Barton pprovided Nihal Iscel, Manager of Advocacy Services at Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre, with contracts from the Shire of Manjimup for a” living a good life information session” for people from CaLD with disability, their families and corers in Busselton on 24 November and Manjimup on 25 November 2015. The event was subsequently widely advertised in Manjimup via the Shire and community organizations.



Maj. Barton posted the WA Equal Opportunity Commission Training Calendar on Western Australian Information Network and WBHSN.

Maj. Barton and Sgt. Oliver donated copies of two junior books, “In Flanders Fields” and “Vikings and Celts” to Tagai State College Erub Campus Torres Strait Queensland, who posted an appeal for primary level books on WAIN.


Family and Domestic Violence

The unit donated a library discard “Alternatives to Domestic Violence; A Homework Manual for Battering Support Groups” to Starick Services, which provides emergency accommodation for women and children escaping domestic violence in the South – East Metropolitan Region.

The unit provided books and toys as Christmas gifts to Starick Services, these were donated by Maj. Barton and Ms. Jenkins and wrapped by Sgt. Oliver.

The unit circulated invitation to the Woman's Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services 25th Annual Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March, Friday the 27th of November at the Stirling Gardens, Perth.

Maj. Barton sent ten pairs of ladies shoes and three dresses, donated by Roz Italiano to Manjimup Woman’s Refuge. The shoes were delivered by Mrs Maureen Barton.

Maj. Barton posted information on a special screening of the film “Suffragette” to raise funds for the Woman’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services on WBHSN and WAIN.



Maj. Barton circulated, via WBHSN, two issues of Health Bites, published by Diabetes WA. The manager of the Warren-Blackwood Community Health Unit responded “What wonderful info about fad diets and then clicked on the recipes and must say they looked very tempting.”

Maj. Barton and Sgt Oliver donated 17 copies of “The Big Issue,” “The War Cry” and “The Weekend Australian Magazine” to Manjimup Medical Centre, a bulk billing clinic in the South-West. Dame Maureen Barton delivered the magazines.

Maj. Barton and Sgt Oliver donated a copy of “Lady Gaga Style Guide” to Manjimup Red Cross for use as a raffle prize.


Health (Mental)

The unit delivered three boxes of herbal tea, donated by RHRL Command HQ, State Records Office of WA and State Library of WA staff, to Armadale Health Service Mental Health. Mr Mark Chowan helped deliver the tea which was received by Ms. Monica Taylor, Service Co-director. Ms. Taylor offered to talk about mental health to a forum organized by RHRL.

Maj. Barton and Sgt. Oliver donated 26 copies of “Australian Woman’s Weekly,” “Australasian Coin and Banknote Review,” “Easy Gardening,” “Gardening Australia,” “The Monthly,” “New Idea,” “Readers Digest,” “Scots Magazine,” “Wish” and “Woman’s Day, provided by Lt. Casselton, Mr. Chowan and Ms. Jenkins, to the Armadale Health Service High Dependency Unit. They also delivered five young adult books discarded by the State Library of WA and seven puzzle books donated by Ms. Jenkins.

Maj. Barton and Sgt Oliver donated two plastic containers of fresh mulberries to the High Dependency Unit at Armadale Health Service.

The unit marked World Mental Health Day, 10th November, by posting links to the websites of 14 organizations providing information on mental health or assistance to people experiencing mental illness on WBHSN and WAIN.


Homeless People

Maj. Barton provided food and fruit drinks to seven homeless people begging in inner city Perth.


Human Rights

The unit posted information on the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery (2nd December) on WBHSN.



The unit posted links to articles from The Economist, on cloud computing and efforts to save libraries and archives in Mali from Islamist Terrorists, on WAIN.

Maj. Barton posted scans of two articles from the November – December 2015 issue of ‘Foreign Affairs’ about the use of social media by supporters and opponents of Da’ish (Islamic State) on WAIN.

Maj. Barton & Sgt. Oliver donated current copies of “Foreign Affairs” (November – December 2015), “The Monthly” (October, November and Summer 2015), “Quarterly Essay” and “Skeptical Inquirer” (November – December) to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.

Maj. Barton & Sgt. Oliver donated 18 recent back copies of “The Economist” and “The Spectator” to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library. Dame Maureen Barton delivered the magazines.



Maj. Barton & Sgt. Oliver donated ten young adult library discards on Australian history and geography to a family of Colombian migrants in Manjimup. Dame Maureen Barton delivered the books.

Maj. Barton posted information about the Salvation Army annual “Welcome to Australia "Walk Together" event” on WAIN and WBHSN.



Ms. Jenkins donated gifts and food to Salvation Army.

The unit posted WA Equal Opportunity Commission Media Release – “Addressing systemic discrimination can help break the poverty cycle” on WBHSN.



Maj. Barton helped an Iraqi refugee studying at Curtin University prepare a response to allegations that he had committed plagiarism.

Maj. Barton proofread an essay by an Iraqi refugee studying at Curtin University.

The unit posted a notice from The Humanitarian Group (formerly CASE for Refugees), requesting volunteer interpreters on WAIN and WBHSN.


Rural and Regional

Maj. Barton distributed copies of “Singapore, Changi and the Burma Thailand Railway” and “The Second World War” to members of the Warren Blackwood Human Services Network.



Maj. Barton and Sgt. Oliver provided gifts for 21 socially isolated seniors at Amaroo Village Gosnells who celebrated their birthdays in October. These included three blankets donated by Ms. Jenkins, books provided by Booksabillia and scarves and costume jewelry donated by Roz Italiano.


Women’s Issues

Maj. Barton posted information on the WomanStats Project, a donor-funded research and database project, based at Brigham Young University, which aims to provide comprehensive data about the worldwide status of women, on WAIN and WBHSN along with an article from The Australian newspaper on the survival of printed books in an age of Kindle.




Health - Support Manjimup Red Cross via an “in kind” donation.

Donate recent second hand magazines to doctor’s surgeries and hospitals as needed


Health (Mental) – Organize talk on mental health.


Homeless People - provide food to homeless people.


Libraries - Provide relevant books and magazines to the Shire of Manjimup Public  Library and other libraries and educational facilities as opportunities present               themselves.


Migrants - Provide English books to the Australia Arab Association.


Seniors - Provide gifts to socially isolated seniors.

This concludes my report for the final quarter 2015.


Yours in HRH service

Maj.Sir Richard Ananda Barton KCOWL, KCRO, MCM, MIOM
1st Barton Platoon
Royal Hutt River Legion


Photo's of Members of the Barton Platoon in action seen below and provided
courtesy of the '1st Barton Platoon' RHRL.

(Click thumbnails below for larger view)

Maj. Barton delivering herbal tea to Monica Taylor - Service Co-Director, Armadale Mental Health
Service, Armadale Health Service.

Jennifer Jenkins donating herbal tea to the RHRL for the Mental Health, Armadale Mental Health Service, Armadale Health Service.

(Click thumbnails above for larger view)

1st Michaux Platoon
(Saint Sever,  Department of Landes - FRANCE)

(English translation below French language report)

Pour le moment rien de performant à part avoir donner un peu a manger a deux personnes sans domicile fixe qui sont passé par ici, mais d'autres personnes ont du aussi les aider...!
Je suis un triste de ne pas pouvoir faire plus, je n'arrive pas a faire un groupe a travers le pays, je suis désolé mais je reste positif....!

Transmettez mes respectueuses salutations a SAR le Prince Léonard.


For the moment there has been little for us to do, other than to provide a little room two homeless people who passed by here, for this we also received the support of others.
I 'm sad not to be able to do more, I was unable to make a group across the country , I'm sorry but I remain positive ....!

Give my respectful greetings to His Royal Highness Prince Leonard.

In HRH Service

BG Sir Philippe Michaux KCRO., OIOM., RHRDF
1st Michaux Platoon
Royal Hutt River Legion



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