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Second Quarter Reports 2013
April – June 2013





Royal Hutt River Legion - Command HQ Report.

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Headquarters Command has been busy this quarter in promoting the RHRL, collecting and providing various used goods for charity dispersal, collecting books, magazines and DVD's which need to be sorted and then recipients sourced.

Some of the actions carried out this quarter have been:


HQ Command continues to collect reading materials by way of books and recent magazines for distribution in the local area to shelters & hospitals etc. as well as to Foodbank for them to distribute as needed.


HQ Command continues to collect clothing and similar items for distribution to those in need. Two deliveries of used clothing were made to Foodbank this quarter.


On three occasions this quarter, one young member Legionnaire Deborah, attended the elderly accommodation and care unit at Northampton District Hospital in Western Australia where she decorated the fingernails of many of the elderly female residents much to their delight. This may well become a regular event as both the ladies and their carers were very appreciative of this effort and much talking was heard around town about these decorated fingernails.


The Principality released a new set of postage stamps on May 17 2013. The stamps feature the Cap Badge designs of the four Arms of the Royal Hutt River Defence Forces, RHRL is included with a $1.60 denomination stamp carrying the Cap Badge design of the Legion. These stamps may be purchased from the Royal Hutt River Postal Service either when visiting Nain or by email purchase via PHR-OnLine.


Large screen TV with remote was repaired and provided to Foodbank for distribution to a family who could use it.


HQ Command continues to support the efforts of our other members and units in providing service to their areas of concern and continues to seek out those who could use the assistance of the Royal Hutt River Legion.

In HRH Service,
Board of Officers - RHRL Command HQ



1st Barton Platoon


I am pleased to supply the quarterly report for April - June 2013, from the Royal Hutt River Legion (RHRL) – 1st Barton Platoon. 

In the January to March 2013 1st Barton Platoon Quarterly Report four priorities were established; Recruitment; Continuing to provide food for homeless people; Continuing to provide books, magazines and toys for community organizations and Explore ways of supporting Armadale Health Service. 

While recruitment remains slow the last three priorities have been implemented, as the report below will demonstrate.   

Activities April to June 2013  


Busy Bee

Busy bee to prepare books for donation to the Armadale Health Service. Books donated by Maureen Barton, Amanda Casselton, Mark Chowan, Pamela Searle and Isabel Smith.
Lt. Sir Richard Ananda Barton KCOWL, Amanda Casselton, Legionnaire Aliyah Oliver and Pamela Searle participated.


Donations to Community Organizations

Lt. Barton, Legionnaire Oliver with support from Maureen Barton donated books and magazines to community service organizations.  

Donated copies of The Weekend Australian Magazine to the LAMP Inc Drop-in Centre in Bridgetown.  

Donated a copy of The Newsletter Editor’s Handbook to the Ethnic Communities Council of WA.  

Donated six boxes of new and second hand books to the Addie Mills Centre in Gosnells.  

Donated junior and young adult books to Starick Services who provide accommodation and advocacy for women and children escaping domestic violence.  


Donations of Books to Hospital

Donated 100 new and second hand books and magazines to the Mental Health Inpatient Unit of the Armadale Health Service.  Lt Barton and Legionnaire Oliver delivered the books.   


Donations to Libraries

Donated an Office of Multicultural Interests publication Cultural Diversity in Western Australia; A Demographic Profile to the Manjimup Public Library.  

Donated a copy of the journal Foreign Affairs to the Manjimup Public Library. 

Donated a copy of Dracula; Adapted for Younger Readers to the City of South Perth Public Library.  

Donated a copy of Islamic Art to the Augusta – Margaret River Public Library. 

Donated a book, Otto Wagner, to the Mount Lawley Campus, Central Institute of Technology


Assisting Homeless People

Lt. Barton and Pamela Searle provided food to 19 homeless people begging in inner city Perth.  

Legionnaire Oliver brought warm clothes for a homeless person. 


Information Provision

Lt. Barton provided a social worker employed by the WA Community Health Service with the contact details of the Warren Blackwood Human Services Network. 

Lt. Barton provided a Pakistani woman interested in voluntary work with refugees with the contact details of Perth organizations working with refugees.  

Lt Barton provided website of the National Library of Australia Online Catalogue to a migrant looking for books on Australia.  


Manjimup Senior’s Expo

Lt. Barton helped set up the Country Women’s Association stand at the Manjimup Senior’s Expo.  


Support for Disabled Person

Collected a week’s supply of food to a disabled person who had lost her money. Organized by Lt Barton, food provided by Amanda Casselton, Mark Chowan and David Whiteford.  


Support for Refugees

Legionnaire Oliver helped Ethiopian refugee to prepare his CV and a job application. 

Lt Barton proof-read an article for the website of Benevolent Hands, a self help group for refugees from Iraq.  

Lt Barton donated copies of The Weekend Australian Magazine and a copy of the 2012 edition of the Directory of Australian Associations to Benevolent Hands. 

Pamela Searle donated a microwave oven to Benevolent Hands.  


Support for Mentally Ill Person

Legionnaire Oliver assisted a mentally ill person with short term accommodation and food.  


Support for Seniors

Pamela Searle weeded a pensioner’s garden. 

Pamela Searle drove two seniors to and from the ANZAC Day ceremony in the City of Perth.  


Support for Travelers

Lt Barton provided a Geraldton woman visiting Perth who had lost her money with petrol and food for her return journey.  


Patient Transport

Legionnaire Oliver transported a single mother suffering from a back injury from Thornlie to Royal Perth Hospital and back.

Pamela Searle collected a cancer patient who needed to come to Perth for treatment from Kalgoorlie and drove her back to her home when her appointment was completed. During a second visit to the City for treatment, by the same patent, Ms Searle drove her too and from appointments.


 Priorities for Third Quarter 2013

  1. Recruitment

  2. Continue to provide food to homeless people

  3. Continue to provide books and magazines to libraries and community organizations.

  4. Tidy garden adjacent to Mental Health Outpatients Clinic at the Armadale Health Service.

  5. Begin collecting toys to give to children staying at Starick Services over Christmas.


Yours in HRH service,
Lt Sir Richard Ananda Barton K.O.W.L.
Royal Hutt River Legion

      Photo's of RCH Presentation to Dame Maha Abdulmunem Mohammed representing Benevolent Hands Inc.      
      Lt Sir Richard Barton Presents the RCH to
Maha Abdulmunem Mohammed
      Friends who attended enjoy afternoon tea.      


      Book presentation to Armadale Health Service
(Courtesy AHS)
      Lt Sir Richard Barton with
Andrew Nesci,
A/Operations Manager, Armadale Mental Health Service
  Lt Sir Richard Barton with
(L) Dr Peter Morton, A/Clinical Director
(R) Andrew Nesci,
A/Operations Manager,
Armadale Mental Health Service
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