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Third Quarter Reports 2013
July – September 2013

Royal Hutt River Legion - Command HQ Report.

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Headquarters Command has once again been busy with communications as well as collecting and distributing items and services as available and when required.

This past quarter has seen members of HQ Command perform a variety of tasks as well as to host the Commander and a new member of the 1st Barton Platoon RHRL to Nain to receive awards, decorations and in the one instance, induct a person into the Unit during a public ceremony held in the Chapel of Nain. An afternoon tea was held in the tea room for those involved and members of the Royal Family present at the time.

Details of HQ activities for the quarter are hereby listed.

Some of the actions carried out this quarter have been:


HQ Command continues to collect reading materials by way of books and recent magazines for distribution in the local area to shelters & hospitals etc. as well as to Foodbank for them to distribute as needed. Three deliveries of magazines were effected into Dr's waiting rooms this quarter.


HQ Command continues to collect clothing and similar items for distribution to those in need. One delivery of used clothing was made to Foodbank this quarter as well as two donations of toys.


HQ Command is producing 'donated by' stickers which are being affixed to all books/magazines and any other items that may take a sticker.


HQ Command is in the process of designing a promotional flyer which can be included in and with all mail posted out of the Principality, in order to provide promotion for both the PHR itself and more particularly promoting the existence and aims of the RHRL, noting the fact that we are looking for members and units to be formed world-wide with website and email address' included.


HQ Command continues to support the efforts of our other members and units in providing service to their areas of concern and continues to seek out those who could use the assistance of the Royal Hutt River Legion.


The 1st Michaux Platoon in France is still establishing itself and a second support venture has been secured and is now in the throes of being organised and that will be the collection/restoration of used furniture and household items that can then be made available at low cost to those who most need the support of such a service. More will be said on this in the future.


September saw Captain Sir Richard 'Ananda" Barton KCOWL attend Nain where he was presented with his promotion Commission to Captain which came with his new shoulder boards of rank by the Sovereign & Commander in Chief of the RHRDF, HRH Prince Leonard. Prince Leonard was also more than pleased to pin a Meritorious Conduct Medal on Captain Sir Richard's chest for his outstanding service to the Sovereign and the RHRL as awarded in the August birthday honours list  (See photos below) Capt Barton was also handed a set of rank shoulder boards to present to Legionnaire Aliyah Oliver as well as a promotion diploma promoting her to the rank of Corporal.


Following the presentations made to him, Capt. Sir Richard presented HRH Prince Leonard with a gift and also made a presentation to him on behalf of Dame Maha Abdulmunem Mohammed DCIOM., BBus(Acc). and Benevolent Hands, both of whom were recognised with awards for their work with refugees. It was pointed out during the presentation that Prince Leonard and the PHR are the first government to recognise the efforts put into the field of refugees by Dame Maha and Benevolent Hands. (See photos below)


Attending Nain with Capt Sir Richard was Amanda Casselton who attended to receive her induction into the RHRL as a Sergeant attached to the 1st Barton Platoon. Sgt Casselton also received her RHRL uniform and shoulder boards of rank at the same time from HRH Prince Leonard. (See photos below)


Following her presentation, Sergeant Casselton also made a presentation to HRH Prince Leonard and following this all retired to the Tea Rooms for a light afternoon tea.

In HRH Service,
Board of Officers - RHRL Command HQ

Photo's of Award ceremony held in the Chapel of Nain for the RHRL
FM Lord Steven Baikie assists in the presentations. Capt Sir Richard advances to receive his new Commission Amanda Casselton receives her Commission, Uniform and Sergeant shoulder boards from HRH Prince Leonard.
Amanda Casselton receives her Commission, and Sergeant shoulder boards from HRH Prince Leonard. Capt Sir Richard receives his MCM certificate HRH Prince Leonard
Above: Capt Sir Richard and Sergeant Casselton make their presentations to HRH Prince Leonard.
All stand for a photo opportunity.


1st Barton Platoon

I am pleased to supply the quarterly report for July - September 2013, from the Royal Hutt River Legion (RHRL) – 1st Barton Platoon.


In the April to June 2013 1st Barton Platoon Quarterly Report four priorities were established; Recruitment; providing food to homeless people; providing books and magazines to libraries and community organizations; tidying garden adjacent to Mental Health Outpatients Clinic at the Armadale Health Service; begin collecting toys to give to children staying at Starick Services women’s refuge over Christmas.


I am happy to report that all these priorities have either been fully implemented or substantial progress has been made toward them.



Recruitment and Promotion


One of our supporters, Amanda Casselton, has joined RHRL, with the starting rank of sergeant. She was presented with her commission and rank insignia by HRH Prince Leonard of Hutt while visiting the Principality on Sunday 29th September 2013.


I am also happy to report that Legionnaire Oliver has been promoted to Corporal, a reflection of her commitment to the unit.



Donations of Clothing and Household Goods.


The platoon donated quality household goods to the RSPCA and Red Cross and quality clothing to the Jane McGrath Breast Cancer Foundation.


Household goods and clothing were donated by Pamela Searle.



Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence


Members and supporters have been collecting toys and children’s books to give to children staying at Starick Services over the Christmas season.



Assistance for Homeless People


The platoon provided food to 17 homeless people in central Perth. 

Food provided by Capt. Barton and Pamela Searle.



Support for Health Education


'Eric the Mascot' was transported from the Multicultural Services Centre of WA to the Shire of Manjimup by Captain Barton, with assistance from Maureen Barton. Eric  will be used to promote exercise and healthy diet in Manjimup.



Information Provision


Advertised on WAIN, an email network for librarians and records managers that Benevolent Hands were looking for a launch venue. Riverton Public Library contacted the organization offering them a venue.


Placed a person wishing to donate a bed and mattress to a refugee family in contact with Benevolent Hands and the Tribal Refugee Welfare of WA.



Support for Mentally Ill


During July, August and September Legionnaire Oliver provided ongoing support for a mentally ill person who was sleeping in their car after being evicted from accommodation. This encompassed purchasing warm clothes, providing temporary accommodation in a spare room, providing food and advocating on that person's behalf with their employer and Centerlink.


Captain Barton visited a patient admitted to Graylands Hospital following a suicide attempt.


Copies of Time, New Idea and The Spectator were donated to Graylands Hospital by Captain Barton and Legionnaire Oliver.


The platoon donated 296 DVDs to the Armadale Health Service for their mental health inpatient unit. The DVDs were donated by the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River, Central Institute of Technology Mount Lawley Campus Library, Jill Jhosn and the City of South Perth Library. The DVDs were collected and RHRL stickers attached by Captain Barton, Legionnaire Oliver,  Amanda Casselton and Jennifer Jenkins.


Captain Barton and Jennifer Jenkins weeded and dug manure into garden beds adjacent to the Mead Centre at the Armadale Health Service and Captain Barton and Amanda Casselton sanded benches at the Mead Centre and painted the same with undercoat. Unfortunately a planned ‘busy bee’ to plant succulents and natives at the Mead Centre had to be postponed until early October due to inclement weather.



Donations to Libraries


Donated a copy of 'Islamic Art' to the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River Public Library.


Donated a copy of 'Otto Wagner' to the Central Institute of Technology library.


Donated June-July and August-September issues of Foreign Affairs Journal to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.


Donated copy of 'Sprite Downberry' to the Kalamunda Public Library.


Donated copy of 'The Search for the Sydney' to the Falcon ELibrary.



Support for Refugees


Donated back copies of 'The Weekend Australian Magazine' to Benevolent Hands who passed them on to Arabic speaking doctors who placed them in their waiting rooms.


Captain Barton and Amanda Casselton donated $150.00 to assist an Iraqi child in Jordan obtain emergency medical treatment.


Capt. Barton and Amanda Casselton provided ongoing secretarial support to Benevolent Hands Management Committee.


Donated blank school notebooks to Benevolent Hands. Notebooks provided by Maureen Barton.


Donated a good quality office chair to Benevolent Hands. Captain Barton arranged delivery.



Priorities for last quarter 2013




Continue to provide food to homeless people


Continue to provide books and magazines to libraries and community organizations.


Complete work on garden adjacent to Mental Health Outpatients Clinic at the Armadale Health Service.


Donate DVDs to Graylands Hospital following a request from the hospital librarian.


Continue secretarial support for Benevolent Hands.


Provide toys and children’s books to Benevolent Hands to distribute to Iraqi refugee children in Perth for the Eid al-Adha festival.


Provide toys to children staying at Starick Services over Christmas.


Yours in HRH service, 

Captain Sir Richard Ananda Barton K.C.O.W.L.

Royal Hutt River Legion



Photo's of Barton Platoon in action seen below and provided
courtesy of the '1st Barton Platoon' RHRL.
Above:  Lt. Sir Ananda Barton and Amanda Casselton collecting a box of donated DVDs from the Falcone E-Library
Lt Sir Ananda with Dame Maha Abdulmunem Mohammed preparing an agenda for a Benevolant Hands Committee Meeting Amanda Casselton sanding a bench at the Armadale Health Service.


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