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Third Quarter Reports 2014
July – September 2014

Royal Hutt River Legion - Command HQ Report.

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Headquarters Command has, as usual, been busy with communications as well as collecting and distributing items and services as available and when required.

This past quarter has seen members collect reading material and prepare items for donations, identified where needs exist that can be helped by the Unit  and FM Lord Steven Baikie and his wife Dame Christina attended a dinner in Perth with Captain Sir Ananda Barton and Cpl Aliyah Oliver. A very nice meal was had as well as a good chat.

Details of HQ activities for the quarter are hereby listed.

Some of the actions carried out this quarter have been:


HQ Command continued to collect reading materials by way of books and recent magazines for distribution in the local area to shelters & hospitals etc. as well as to Foodbank for them to distribute as needed. Two deliveries of magazines were effected into Dr's waiting rooms this quarter and one lot of magazines to a hospital, newsimilar locations are being sort out to see if more locations would like such support.


HQ Command put together a large bag of quality new & used clothing for to those in need, once again via Foodbank.


HQ Command is still working on the design of a promotional flyer which can be included in and with all mail posted out of the Principality, in order to provide promotion for both the PHR itself and more particularly promoting the existence and aims of the RHRL.


HQ Command continues to support the efforts of our other members and units in providing service to their areas of concern and continues to seek out those who could use the assistance of the Royal Hutt River Legion.


The 1st Michaux Platoon in France is now entering their winter period which is the time that their activitties kick off. We hope to se an After Action report from this unit for the end of fourth quarter.

In HRH Service,
Board of Officers - RHRL Command HQ


1st Barton Platoon


The July to September quarter has been a productive period for the First Barton Platoon.

Our priorities for the third quarter 2014 were to; provide birthday gifts to socially isolated seniors at Amaroo Village Gosnells; donate toys to Benevolent Hands Eid al Fitr celebration; provide food to homeless people; provide books and magazines to public libraries and hospitals and recruitment. All but the last have been achieved, which is a tribute to the industriousness and commitment of our team.

Sgt Amanda Casselton continues to be a valuable team member. Her suggestion that the Platoon provide presents to residents of Amaroo Retirement Village has been implemented during the last three months. Feedback from Amaroo staff is that residents appreciate the gifts provided by RHRL, so Sgt Casselton has made a real difference to people’s lives. She has collected magazines for hospital patients and played an important role in supporting refugees, including baking a cake for a fundraising event, providing clerical support to Benevolent Hands and providing toys for refugee children.

Cpl Lisa ‘Aliyah’ Oliver is a stalwart participant our work. She contributed gifts for seniors and magazines for hospitals, each of which has brought pleasure to disadvantaged people. Cpl Oliver also helped our fundraising for refugees and, with her husband, brought toys for refugee children which the Platoon distributed in concert with Benevolent Hands. Again her contribution to the Platoon is appreciated.

Our supporter Pamela Searle continues to help homeless people, providing food to people begging in inner city Perth. She has also donated clothing, and other items, to charity.

Our other supporter, Jennifer Jenkins, contributes to our work with seniors, donating a box of large print books which were given to Amaroo Village for the resident’s library.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Australians

The Platoon posted information on the closure of the My Language website on the Western Australian Information Network (WAIN) and the Warren Blackwood Human Services Network (WBHSN).

Cpt. Barton posted information on WAIN about introductory Turkish classes, offered by Turkish Australia Culture House.


Activities July to September 2014


Domestic Violence

Cpt. Barton posted information about the 24th Annual Silent March Against Domestic Violence, organized by the Woman’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services, on WBHSN.

The Platoon donated a 10 volume Funk and Wangle’s Wildlife Encyclopedia to the Manjimup Woman’s Refuge. Mrs. Maureen Barton delivered the books.




The Platoon donated toys and children’s books to a single parent family.



The Platoon donated seven copies of The Economist, Policy and The Spectator Australia to the Manjimup Medical Centre, a bulk-billing medical clinic. Mrs. Maureen Barton delivered the magazines.

Cpt. Barton and Sgt Casselton donated 32 copies of Australian Woman’s Weekly, The Big Issue, Delicious, Foreign Affairs, Gourmet Traveler, Scoop, Skeptical Inquirer, The War Cry, The Weekend Australian Magazine and Wheels Magazine to the Mental Health Ward at Royal Perth Hospital.

Cpt. Barton and Cpl. Oliver donated 18 copies of The Australasian Coin and Banknote Review, Ms, The Spectator and The Weekend Australian Magazine to the Armadale Health Service Mental Health Inpatients Facility.

Ms. Searle donated good quality second hand clothing to the McGrath Foundation.

Ms. Searle donated tea and coffee to GROW Chapter Melville.

Ms. Searle donated good quality household goods to the Red Cross.

Ms. Searle twice drove a cancer patient, from the country, to medical appointments.



Homeless People

Cpt. Barton and Ms. Searle fed 38 homeless people in inner city Perth.



Indigenous Australians

The Platoon posted information on Western Australian NAIDOC Week events on WAIN and WBHSN.



Cpt. Barton, Sgt Casselton and Cpl. Oliver donated the July, August and September 2014 editions of The Monthly; Quarterly Essay No. 54; Dragon’s Tail- The Lucky Country After the China Boom; Quarterly Essay No. 55; A Rightful Place: Race, Recognition and a More Complete Commonwealth and Foreign Affairs July-August and September-October 2014 to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library. Feedback from library staff indicates that clients appreciate these materials.

Cpt. Barton and Cpl. Oliver donated copies of Australians in the First World War and Principality of Hutt River; How it Came to Be to the Small Business Development Corporation staff library.




The Platoon sent information of the Carley and Kumer English readers to the coordinator of the English Language Friends program at the Manjimup Community Centre.

Cpt. Barton and Cpl. Oliver provided a dictionary, donated by Ms. Alison Higgins to the Manjimup Community Resource Centre’s English Language Friends Program.



Cpt. Barton and Sgt Casselton provided ongoing secretarial support to Benevolent Hands Inc.

The Platoon donated toys and children’s books to Benevolent Hands Eid-al-Fitr celebration. Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton, Cpl. Oliver donated toys and collected gifts donated by Ms. Jennifer Jenkins, Mr. Paul Harvey Richardson and Ms. Isabel Smith. Lt. Barton and Sgt. Casselton attended the celebration and distributed presents to approximately 25 Middle Eastern refugee children.

Cpt. Barton and Sgt. Casselton donated a copy of Lenin by Sean Sheehan to a teenage Iraqi refugee studying Russian History at High School.

The platoon organized a fundraising dinner to raise money for Benevolent Hands. Cpt. Barton prepared invitations and organized a lucky dip, with prizes donated by Booksabillia, Sgt Casselton provided a cake and Cpl. Oliver provided paper plates and cutlry. Dame Maha Mohammed DCIOM provided food, Ms. Aisha Novakovich CM opened her house for the event and Duaa Masarji provided cupcakes. The event raised $300.00 for Benevolent Hands.

Cpt. Barton and Sgt. Casselton donated a copy of the February 2012 issue of the Directory of Australian Associations, provided by the Small Business Development Corporation, to Benevolent Hands.

Sgt Casselton supported an Iraqi artist’s application for a corporate grant by proof-reading his CV and short biography.



Rural and Regional Communities

The Platoon donated over 200 used postage stamps to the Manjimup Branch of the Country Woman’s Association who will sell them for fundraising. The stamps were donated by Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton, Cpl. Oliver and Mr David Whitford.

The Platoon provided the Boyanup Foundation with information on WBHSN so that they could promote their activities.

Cpt. Barton cut wood for the Manjimup Branch of the Country Woman’s Association.

Cpt. Barton and Cpl. Oliver donated a copy of The Australian Light Horse to the Manjimup Branch of the Red Cross, as a raffle prize.




Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton and Cpl. Oliver donated birthday gifts to ten socially isolated seniors living in Amaroo Retirement Village. Gifts provided by the platoon included soap, chocolates, paintings, books and knitted scarves. The Platoon would like to acknowledge the support of Booksabillia, Mr. Mark Chown, Mrs. Shirley Cook and Ms. Kelly Cracknell.

Cpt. Barton and Cpl. Oliver delivered 11 large print books, donated by Ms. Jennifer Jenkins, to Amaroo Retirement Village.




The platoon provided a copy of Miller’s Australian Competition and Consumer Law Annotated Edition, donated by the WA Parliamentary Library, to a single parent studying law at the University of Western Australia.


Priorities for Last Quarter 2014

Continue to provide birthday gifts to socially isolated seniors at Amaroo Village Gosnells.

• Donate toys to Starick Services for Christmas.

• Continue to provide food to homeless people.

• Continue to provide books and magazines to public libraries and hospitals.

• Continue to provide secretarial support for Benevolent Hands.

• Recruitment

Yours in H.R.H. service,

Cpt. Sir Richard Ananda Barton KCOWL, MIOM, MCM
1st Barton Platoon
Royal Hutt River Legion


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