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Visitors Welcome

9AM - 4PM

Every Day
(Except Christmas Day)



Passports should  be produced at the Government Offices on arrival where they will be stamped with a valid Entry/Exit visa
for a Fee of $4.00.

Visitor visa cards are available in the Government Offices,
for the same $4.00 Fee for those without Passports.

No Arrival/Departure Tax! 

  Unlike most other countries, there is no Arrival/Departure Tax payable on entering or leaving the Principality of Hutt River, just the visa issue fee.


It needs to be noted that PHR accepts payments in bank notes of all major world currencies but is unable to accept any form of plastic card payments. For payment of Visas and any purchases you may wish to purchase during your visit you will therefore need to bring cash with you.

HEMA Map reference 76/E3

28° 07' S 114° 39' E

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What to Expect!

A visit to the Principality of Hutt River is a unique experience.

Upon arrival you will be met by HRH Prince Leonard or HRH Prince Graeme, or should both be absent another member of the Royal Family, who will warmly greet you, issue the necessary entry/exit visas and then guide you through the Principality's main buildings.

During this tour you will be shown all matters of importance and interest and the story of the Principality and it’s People will unfold. A great opportunity exists at this point, for you to have any questions that you may have answered and Prince Leonard and his Family will be only too happy to assist. 

Aside from the tremendous history now attached to the Principality, a history of much interest to many, the Principality also houses the Royal Art Collection, now exceeding 300 works and a majority of these works are displayed throughout and around the buildings and grounds for you to view.

Also scattered throughout the buildings are showcases housing matters of State, Heraldry and various Certificates and Publications pertaining to the Principality, it’s Family, it's Citizens and it's place on the world's Stage.

Frames adorn most of the available wall space, again filled with items of interest, so there is no doubt that a visit will both entertain and inform. 

There are various monuments and other attractions to enjoy, which of course include the large array of various and famous artworks, which include paintings by well known Australian artists the late Frank Pash, Earl of Nain and Prof. Lord Robert Pope, Earl of Phoenix.
Various Carvings including the famous larger than life rock bust of HRH Prince Leonard, hewn by hand with a small axe by a Canadian artist named
Marc LeBuse.
Many pieces of "found art" may be found distributed and labelled around the walkways, including the life-size Knight and his female attendant and there are many other carvings and artworks of different kinds from many places and artists around the globe to be seen.

You will also be invited to look over Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine, the "Gateway to Natures Spirit World" where you can see and read about the findings of HRH Prince Leonard and other academics of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Education into the
discovery of mathematical formulas which uncover:
"Natures Basic Construction Code" (SC 10989) and many others.
You will also find the "Stone of Light" located within the structure..



Principality Location Brochure

& Contact information
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We would rather you enjoy, stay rested and stay safe!

Basic facilities exist for campers or caravans/mobile homes to camp for a night or two with an ablution block and water available for use. Unfortunately no powered sites are available at present, though we may be able to provide a limited power site if essential, email to enquire.

These simple facilities, along with the presence of the Royal Hutt River Golf Club little family mini putt-putt course and picnic areas,
we trust will enable you to take a short break and alleviate the need for the traveller to rush his visit.

Tour Groups Welcome!

A great spot for a peaceful relaxation or time out with the family!

The Principality also receives daily and invites visits from Chartered Tourist Operators bringing people in as part of their discovery of the region,
as well as from many other groups and clubs like the “Geraldton 4WD Club.

Once a week Red Earth Safari Tours drop in on their Perth - Exmouth Adventure Tour.
A journey-holiday trip well worth taking and highly recommended.

So, if you are involved in a Tour Company, Social Club or any group planning to travel through the region then drop us a line, an e-mail or a phone call and we will be only to happy to assist in receiving your group.

If you are travelling with a tour group in the region then ask the operator to stop by. 
We’d love to see you!

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