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Via the links on the left side of this page you will find a range of photo's
snapped around the Principality.

On this page you will find photos of HRH Prince Leonard greeting a group of visitors and after issuing Visa's he gives them a guided tour of the main Principality building, telling all the story of how and why PHR came to be and taking questions from those visiting.

It is hoped that these photo's will give you a bit of a look around the Principality, Nain and it's surroundings as well as a glimpse of some of the activities here. It is planned to keep these photos up to date by continually adding and updating shots that are here so return from time to time to see what is new, bearing in mind that all major events still warrant a section of their own.

    Guided Tour of PHR
    Above: Passports inspected and Visas issued.    
 Royal Chair
  Above: Talk on the Chapel of Nain and the paintings   Princess's
Royal Chair
Above: HRH discusses and shows items of interest concerning the history and standing of the Principality on the world stage.
Above: HRH gives a demonstration of his power with a crystal pendulum and the opportunity for visitors to obtain PHR souvenirs.
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