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RE: How to know that you are dealing with the Principality?

The internet is a great tool of learning and information. Unfortunately, due to the anonymity of its users it is also a great tool of misinformation both intentional and well-meaning as well as an excellent tool for deceit &crime and it is those two areas of activity, that of information & crime, that causes both the PHR Ministry of Electronic Communications and our Security Forces to expend a great deal of time and effort combating.

Whilst the Government has published a number of warnings considering bogus websites purportedly representing this Principality in one way or another and other similar related problems the I-3 divisions of the DSF all find themselves also investigating and combating these same problems so it is time for the DSF to also publish a warning advice to the public in order to try and enforce due diligence of those who desire to communicate or co-operate in some way with the Principality of Hutt River.


Simple rules when communicating with the Principality of Hutt River:

  • Website Domains:
    The only Principality website Domain under its direct control and issue is mirrored across two addresses those being: and  with the eventual aim that Business and Government areas will eventually be split between the two addresses, .com being the business domain and .org the Government.
    These are the ONLY domain addresses for the PHR. 

No outside websites are approved or authorised to represent the PHR no matter what a website may state!

  • PHR Representatives & E-MAIL Addresses:
    All senior and trusted representatives of PHR are issued with Principality domain e-mail addresses, same domains as above. ANY OTHER supposed e-mail addresses are not of this Principality. All e-mail communications should be via PHR domain addresses. It must also be said that this Principality does not make available or provide Principality domain e-mail address to the general public.

  • Social Networking sites:
    The Principality does not operate any social networking sites on places such as “Facebook” or “MySpace” etc as we deem them unsecure and again frequented by charlatans etc. The only and most effective way to combat the problems associated with these style sites is to not be involved with them and ALL Representatives of PHR are forbidden to create space on any of these sites in their official capacity representing this Principality. Any business or matters handled by ANYONE via social networking sites in the name of or on behalf of PHR is unauthorized and most questionable and anyone found to be breaching this rule should immediately be notified to either the Ministry of Electronic Communications or the DSF for immediate attention:
    EMAIL: or EMAIL:


  • PHR Government Contact List:
    All PHR senior representatives and Government and agency offices e-mail addresses and any authorized websites are published on the Principality Government Contact page found here:  This list should always be checked with to ensure validity of contact/website. Some lesser level PHR Representatives such as “Cultural Ambassadors” may not be issued with PHR domain addresses so any questions regarding validity of contacts should be addressed to the Principality head office EMAIL: or to the Office of Minister Electronic Communications EMAIL:


  • Transactions with PHR Government:
    All PHR Government transactions can only be carried out via the Principality directly, there are no “agents” in any area outside of a few numismatic or philatelic distributors appointed outside of the Principality and there is no “Government Agency” established outside of the Principality as recently attempted by fraudsters supposedly licensing Gambling Companies by PHR. This applies to ALL GOVERNMENT ENQUIRIES. Please check the Government Notices & Alerts page: for updates on any scams or matters of concern that the PHR Government has become aware of. Any authorized agents such as Numismatic & Philatelic agents will be listed and links found on the respective department pages on the Principality website.

  • Becoming a Subject of the PHR and obtaining PHR Passport:
    All matters concerning becoming a Subject, obtaining or renewing of PHR Passports etc etc must be addressed to the PHR Ministry of Foreign Affairs via EMAIL: but first you should visit the MFA website section concerning these matters 

  • Purchasing PHR Stamps/Coins/Souvenirs etc:
    All PHR sales should be addressed via the PHR website or via postal mail to the PHR itself, these are the only ways that you can be sure of obtaining genuine PHR products. There are fake items often offered for sale by "others" and these include books supposedly written about the PHR (priced high and available via places such as e-Bay that are in fact very poor quality print on demand booklets of information copied directed from Wikipedia and other "public domain" website pages, mostly rubbish and certainly not factual material. A lot of people have been duped and parted with sometimes in excess of $100 per booklet thinking they were purchasing something genuine and factual. Sales are available using e-mail direct from the PHR on-line service fond here from this section you will find links to all, products offered for sale including a detailed postage stamp catalogue and souvenir product list etc.

  • Registration of Companies (IBC's):
    It should be noted in particular that the registration of Companies (IBC's) can only be carried out directly with the Office of the Principality Registrar of Companies
    EMAIL: No registrations can be effected through any other "agent or intermediatry" despite what may be found offered/claimed by dubious entities operating on the internet, particularly supposed "Offshore banks" like Wolfbank, Wolfsparkasse or its latest name of Nautilus Bank etc etc. There are NO AGENTS OR REPRESENTATIVES outside of the Principality. If there were, we would list them on our website and provide links to them!

  • PHR Government purchases/payments:
    All purchases or payment of PHR Government Fee’s & Charges should only be forwarded direct to the Principality or the Principality Treasury bank account. Details of correct payment procedures can be found again on the Government section of our website:
    Payment to any other place is suspect and confirmation should be sought from the Principality before any funds are handed over.

  • Claims by Universities, educational , financial institutions, to be involved in some way with the PHR:
    This Principality does not register, licence or accredit Universities or educational institutions and does not register nor involve itself in any way with the licencing or operation of financial institutions, which includes but is not limited to Banks, Share Dealers, investment companies etc. If such claims are made then please contact us immediately and provide details.


  • Where to address concerns/ask questions.
    Any matters of concern should be forwarded to the Principality head office at for fast response, all information is treated in strictest confidence.
    Matters concerning company registrations etc should be directed to the Companies Office:
    Any matters of legal concern should be forwarded to the Office of the Director General of the DSF for attention:

Once again, all information will be treated in confidence.



Sir Reynald L. Carra KCSOL, OIOM
Director General, PHR Diplomatic Security Force
Principality of Hutt River
Via  Western Australia 6535





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