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In 2006, with a history already 36 years in the making, The PHR Historical Society was formed in order to protect and save the many historic records, events and occasions that seem to pass through the Principality. As part of this structure The PHR Memorabilia Department was formed as the sales arm of the Society.

The Society is responsible for housing many of the "exhibits" of the Principality throughout the main buildings.
The items in our ever increasing collection, mainly displayed in floor or wall mounted cupboards, are presented for public display.

The Memorabilia Dept, as the sales arm, was made responsible for the sale of souvenirs and memorabilia of the Principality and has been instrumental in obtaining the remaining archived early issue stamp stocks of the Principality. The small amount of remaining stocks have now been made available to the world of collectors.

The Memorabilia Catalogue, linked below, contains the full list of items available via mail order from the Principality whilst the early stamp issues may be found in detail in the PHR- PHR-OnLine stamp catalogue and purchase on-line via eMail by visiting PHR-OnLine.

Large range of memorabilia/souvenir products available via PHR-OnLine
Check-out the catalogue:
Complete Memorabilia/Souvenir Catalogue
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