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HRH Princess Shirley


Passing of:
HRH Princess Shirley

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HRH Princess Shirley

Dame of the Rose of Sharon

Kentucky Colonel
Patron & Chair of the Board of Directors - Red Cross of Hutt
Founder, Patron & Colonel in Chief Royal Hutt River Legion

Memorial Wall of Condolences

Photo's from 60th (Diamond) Wedding Anniversary Dinner 2007


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  Born Shirley Joy Butler in Fremantle Western Australia on 19th July 1928
Married Leonard George Casley in Fremantle, Western Australia 19th April 1947
Passed away 07th July 2013 aged 84 years.

With a family of 7 children, 22 Grand Children and more than 30 Great Grand Children (ever increasing!), you might understand just some of the load that was carried on Princess Shirley's shoulders.

Princess Shirley had a heavy load to deal with before the Principality came into being, with family commitments; caring for a young family, farming, exporting and maintaining her husband's academic research papers (of which she had her fair share of undertaking and involvement). 
However, in many respects her workload in the Principality was even greater and much underestimated as she tended to remain much in the background whilst still supporting her husband and family.

HRH Princess Shirley was kept very busy in her many activities within the Principality, especially in matters concerning areas related to written communications, appointment keeping and organisation. She would also host the many dignitaries and diplomatic representatives visiting the Principality each year and receive many of the tourists, television crews and journalists.  

Princess Shirley also involved herself with compassion and great interest in the charitable works of the Principality in her position as both Patron and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Red Cross of Hutt; She managed to achieve all of this whilst at the same time still remaining the true Matriarch of the family.

 As with wives and mothers universally, the role played by HRH Princess Shirley throughout her adult life has been less appreciated than it should have been and whilst much has been written, published and is widely known about the secession of the Principality and its founder and Sovereign HRH Prince Leonard, little if anything has ever been written or even attributed to HRH Princess Shirley who was always there, keeping the family together and performing her duties as Wife, Mother, Sovereigns Aide and so much more at every turn.

One day she must be recognised for her achievements and role in the foundation and advancement of this small Nation.



      Children's names and years of birth are:


From left to right:..
Prince Ian,
Prince Graeme,
Princess Kay,
Prince Leonard,
Princess Diane,
Princess Shirley,
Prince Richard,
Princess Sherryl,
Prince Wayne.
Prince Ian





Extended Casley Family.

  Princess Kay





  Prince Wayne





  Princess Diane





  Prince Richard




  Prince Graeme





  Princess Sherryl





      Princess Shirley’s Ancestry of the “Butler Family” is traced back to Kilkenny Castle in Ireland.

Article in the 'Kilkenny People' newspaper, Republic of Ireland, Princess Shirley's ancestral home.
Published August 08 2013.




        HRH Prince Leonard & Princess Shirley

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Princess Shirley Final Farewell Eulogy Eulogy.PDF Memorial Wall


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Passing of:
HRH Princess Shirley

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