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PHR Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sir Edmond Suchet KGCRO - RETIRES.

After a number of years in the office of Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Edmond Suchet KGCRO was stood down from office in June of 2013 in order to prepare for his retirement from Political involvement on behalf of this Principality.

  Sir Edmond has since put his retirement into place and we now officially announce that he no longer holds any office with this Principality and has no authority to speak or act on behalf of the Principality, its Sovereign or its Government in any capacity.

  We thank Sir Edmond for his past service to this Principality and wish him well in his retirement.

  Now that the re-vamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Principality of Hutt River has been completed, all matters concerning Foreign Affairs are now handled by the Principality direct, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office which may be contacted by email:

  All information and announcements regarding Foreign Affairs matters will be published in the MFA section of the PHR website here:

  Once again, all matters concerning this principality may only be enacted direct with the Principality. The MFA and the Government of this nation has a number of representatives holding many offices throughout the world and these representatives serve this nation well in providing support & advice regarding this land and the area of their domicile or expertise, providing a local contact in many areas. It should be noted that all Foreign Office Representative (Diplomatic Corps) may be found here:  and official Government representatives of the PHR are listed in the ‘Government Contact List’ which may be found in the PHR Government Website:  

  Caution should be observed in making sure that anyone with whom you may deal, whilst believing them to be authorised in office by this Government, are in fact authorised and this can easily be confirmed via the contact list and if not found there then a quick email enquiry should be made to confirm identity/position by contacting the main office of the Principality: or the Principality Diplomatic Security Force:  seeking confirmation as to standing.

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